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Animal Totems

The Dove Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

The dove is one very beautiful spirit animal. If you have encountered one recently in real life or in your dreams, then there is a divine message to learn. If youโ€™re curious, weโ€™ve covered this beautiful animal quite extensively. In


7 Best Chakra Books [The Yogi Guide]

Chakra Books are the perfect getaway whether youโ€™re a passionate student or reiki practitioner. Weโ€™ve reviewed some of the best chakra books out there. We love our spiritual development as much as the next person. As such, we love reading


What is the Baba Nam Kevalam meaning?

Ever wondered what the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra actually means in the world of yoga wisdom? Well, weโ€™ve got the answer right here. The Sanskrit Mantra โ€œBaba Nam Kevalamโ€ means to chant the name of the beloved. As an alternative


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