The Page of Swords Reversed: What Does It Mean?

You’ve drawn the Page of Swords in reversed format and are curious. Essentially – this means being defensive without reason.

The Page of Swords Reversed

This tarot card is for the individual who gets defensive quite easily. Those who are open in their lives are generally able to ascend and breakthrough challenges.

The Page of Swords Reversed meaning

Now, there are some that claim this tarot card refers to dishonesty. We don’t believe that to be correct. Psychics can get confused as we don’t want our vulnerabilities in life to be exposed.

Essentially – be mindful of the communication of those around you. Are you coming across as ‘snappy’, then The Page of Swords Reversed could be just card you needed right now.

Analyzing the details

Let’s look at the card for a moment. The depiction in the picture shows the man in the position of personal protection. He’s guarding himself from potential strikes that may come, but likely won’t.

Psychic reading of The Page of Swords Reversed

He’s playing total defence when he doesn’t need to. Add in the challenge of the cold and wind, and his vulnerability is through the roof. We don’t believe even he understands his true position.

Instead, could he open himself up more to the world? Be more transparent? Stop pretending that he doesn’t know everything? From here, we can expect a huge breakthrough.

The card of vulnerabilities

This tarot card very much represents the internal dialogue of us not wanting to have our vulnerabilities noticed. We hide. We avoid conflict. Essentially, we cover ourselves too much.

Do we need to? Probably not. When we’re challenged, it’s likely that we’ll lash out at others even for the smallest of problems. Such problems for others would simply be dismissed or not even recognized.

This mask needs to come off and so does the reaction. Essentially, irritating and triggering as seen on the Page of Swords reversed card is highlighting the vulnerable and closed part of you.

A card of new opportunities

From here, let’s look at resolution. That begins with respectful and friendly conversation on an open table. Our words hold so much power and as such, can radically transform the energy of our environment. This happens both internally and externally.

So then, we when speak, either out of need or spite, we need to be more temper-aware. Our communication should better match the kind and loving self that we were born to be, not the cold wintery chill that others might see open us at times of conflict.

The world has enough spiritual pollution. That deep, dark energy on the airwaves leads to suffering and anguish. This tarot card is a new opportunity. One that we can rise up.

When we feel the most defensive, we ultimately have a choice. Typically, that’s fight or flight, but here’s a different proposal: Fight or Resolve.

Ideally, you’d choose to resolve the conflict. That doesn’t need to be with super positive ‘hippy vibes’ but through a conversation that resonates with both parties. Essentially, conflict resolution through sheer honesty. You’ll thank each other pretty soon.

The Page of Swords reversed is our opportunity, upon seeing our insecurities, to chart a new path forward. If you’re ready for a breakthrough, then this is for you.

Going forward

You really do have the power to open up. We know you do, and you know you do. None of us needs to act in such a demanding manner when responding. That hurts us and hurts others.

tarot card analysis

There is space for huge growth and transformation. You’re a smart person and yet if you’re wrong, then that is OK. You can own that. Why? That vulnerability will stop you creating a false defence.

And from there, you can move towards your higher calling and lighter energy.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The King of Pentacles Upright: What Does It Mean?

The King of Pentacles upright tarot represents our inate desire for abundance and discipline. This is the tarot card for entrepreneurs and business owners globally.

The King of Pentacles Upright

We all need a reference point. A polaris star. A beacon for which we can stay fixated upon in the distance. Avaitors call this a waypoint while sailors call this a port of arrival.

The King of Pentacles Upright meaning

By knowing where we are truly going, we’re more equipped to get there safely and quickly. This is a tool of leadership used by business owners and entrepreneurs globally in their quest to build more.

When used wrongly, the power goes into the wrong hands. When used properly, we can find ourselves into a world of abundance, joy, creativity and freedom. Indeed knowing how to acquire such status takes consistent effort and guidance.

Card meaning

We see the king sitting on his noble thrown. He has clearly achieved a lot of success in his life and indeed some failures too. That’s the journey to the top – full of challenges that one must overcome.

Tarot card psychic reading - The King of Pentacles Upright

Through having discipline, he has consistently worked when others were sleeping. He sacrificed his time and enjoyment in his early years to build the empire and now relaxes in the joy of having attained material success.

Those thoughts of effort and determination clearly have paid off. We see in his hands the objects of his powerful influence upon his own people. They don’t see him as a dictator as everything was manifested through hard work and true achievement.

See – he wasn’t born this way. His wealth came from the hunger of reaching for the stars. This sheer determination saw him create massive success over several decades and become a beacon of light for others to see. His people respect him and praise him for the work they do.

Others have since become inspired to create their own empires. He has shown the way through an honest approach towards creating value and impressions upon the minds of others.

Your turn

When this card appears within tarot readings, it’s your chance to rise to the table. To become more confident in the journey and the success that awaits you. After all, you are made for so much more than you give yourself credit for.

There are many new opportunities opening up in the world now. When we go back to the past, we would be restricted to our local area. Today most people can do their work online regardless of where they live.

Use the King of Pentacles upright as a fatherly-like figure. The one to trust when things are hard. Trust us – things will be hard! This is exactly what many people in the entrepreneurial world need to contend with.

The hardest part is the starting line. Getting people to this place is actually quite challenging. From there, the first few years are stark and many will quit. Few will keep going strong in the face of adversity.

What’s most important is that you focus on the long term vision. Avoid the tendency to manifest your way to wealth very quickly. Those in the Law of Attraction space would love you to believe that money comes easily…and it does! To those who have already manifested great success.

Indeed today everything the King touches does turn to gold. He has a rich life and one that his people don’t view upon with jealousy or rage. Instead, they respect his decisions and his accomplishments, because he started this journey much like themselves.

Strive for more

Now is not the time to relax. There is much work for you on the journey ahead. This card reminds us of our inner need to ascend higher and become a shining example of human potential.

Tarot card reference words

This doesn’t mean attracting massive amounts of wealth. Let’s say you wanted to lose 40 pounds. You strived actively everyday to achieve this and in 6 months time, you got yourself there. This is a seriously achievement!

When others see this, most will come with love, light and inspiration. They will love your story as it will resonate with their core. Others may take some jealousy and frustration. This comes with the territory.

If you build strong like the King, you too cannot be blown with authentic results. You planned well and took daily action to achieve results so few will ever claim. If you’ve done it once, you can do it again.

Success is your birthright. It’s time to strive forth for more!

The Knight of Pentacles Upright: What Does It Mean?

The Knight of Pentacles upright tarot represents our intense productivity which has been born through hard work. If you relentlessly pursue something then eventually you’ll achieve the desired result.

The Knight of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Life is a challenge. If we are to ascend to the top, then we need to work consistently. Unfortunately, as you’d probably agree, this work ethic has been lost on our younger generation today.

The Knight of Pentacles Upright Meaning tarot card

We see others posting their phtoos on social media and believe that success comes easy or that we’ll manifest what we truly desire in 5 minutes. Unfortunately, this often isn’t the case.

As adults, we have the responsibility to take charge for our own lives. No longer is there anyone to really do the work for us. That said – we must seek out guides and mentors for the journe ahead.

Card reading

Our psychic reading of The Knight of Pentacles Upright is based on the Rider Waite series. In a love reading it means to pursue and to fight for what is most important to you.

Psychic reading of The Knight of Pentacles Upright
The Knight of Pentacles Upright Rider Waite

We look at the Knight observing the beautiful gold coin while seated on his beautiful horse. Instead of rushing into the battlefront, he has chosen to create a strategy first. Indeed this is the best way forward.

Our Knight has in his background a broad field that has been ploughed manually. Remember, this is in a time long before the machines arrived. These fields represent that he’s willing to get down and do the work before rising strong and using the resources now available to him.

Too often we want to be the boss in a mere 5 minutes. We’re not willing to go through the depths and struggles that one faces in this ardous journey. We see those achieving such remarkable results and believe their personal quest was easy.

The Knight of Pentacles knew the struggle would be real. In his earlier days he planned his strategy and did the work. Even today, he’s still planning strategies and working hard towards his ultimate vision of his life.

Working harder

We hate to be told that we need to work harder. Others want to squeeze more out of us when we’re ready to call it quits. Life can become a genuine struggle between the need to earn an income and enjoy life.

Go a a gym and you’ll find others pushing each other harder. In a yoga studio, we’re not pushed but encouraged to stretch that bit further…if it feels good. Humans are like this; we are designed to grow bigger.

Indeed this is your message begin cultivating a character who is more persistent towards their personal quest. Perhaps you’re not quite sure yet what you are aiming for. Until such a time, start journaliing. Write down the things that excite you! If it lights you up, then you’re already on the right track.

Creating a vision board is one such tool that we can use. Another is seeking out those who have achieved remarkable results and emulating their results.

Ultimately though, we must be putting in the hard work. It won’t be pretty. It won’t be fun. Yet if you’re connected to your higher self, you’ll be carried through the struggles when others would’ve given up.

Staying focused

One challenge that you’ll forever face is the distractions which the world bring forth. From social media to notifications on our phone and yet another email in the inbox…it’s challenging to get anything done!

We must stay committed to the journey despite there being no promises at the end. The Knight doesn’t know if he’ll come back from the battlefields alive, but he’s certainly creating a strategy to improve his chances of success.

Focus starts in the planning. We then can’t dwell on the planning stage for too long as there is much work to be done. You must allocate the time, energy and resources to see your dream from concept, implementation, struggle and later…completion.

Is it easy? We wish! Will it be worth it? Only if it’s important to you.

Keep chipping away at your project(s) if you believe in what you do can positively impact the world. There will be times that you’re tired, frustrated, confused or at a total loss. The Knight feels these feelings too, but he’s built a stronger core that can transcend these challenges with ease.

Most importantly, the chaos seems to slip by as he remains focused on the task at hand.

Striving forth

It’s now time to start planting your seeds towards greatness. Anyone embarking on such a notable personal quest is going to need a strong strategy paried with a mentor to get them through the challenges.

Tarot card explanation

This isn’t a journey that you can do alone. While the Knight is depicted as alone, he’s had mentors and masters who have helped shape his life to where it is today. No short cuts. No easy wins.

There is no competition for hard work and your relentless pursuit starts now!

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The Death Tarot Upright: What Does It Mean?

The Death upright tarot card represents the very real nature of endings and new changes into our lives. Essentially this is a time of both mourning and accepting transition.

Sometimes in the hardest of times, we can’t see the transformation about to emerge. This is the time to see things for what they really are.

The Death Tarot Upright

In life, we’re all afraid to die. In fact, so many places their entire existence in avoiding death. They’ll tip-toe their way through life hoping to get safely to passing on. Is this a good way to live life?

The Death Tarot Upright Meaning

On the flip side, there are those who take life courageously. They take the risks and ultimately pay with some sacrifice. It isn’t easy taking such risks, yet it’s often worth the risk.

Ultimately, we are all going to die. Sometimes it’s merely the fear of leaving others behind, or at other times it’s the fear of leaving things unfulfilled.

Card meaning

We see the Messenger of Death who rides a white horse. This is symbolic of moving on and is seen among scriptures of both past and present.

The Death Tarot Upright Tarot Card Reading

The armour that he wears represents his invisible nature. No matter what – this HAS to happen. He is here to carry you away and the dark nature of the scene is that of mourn and mystery.

The only good that we see here is the white horse, and this leads us to the lighter meaning of this tarot card. It shows the strength and unconditional love of ones soul and that change is on the horizon.

You see – death is about birth and new beginnings, with change and transformation. We see beauty and warmth in this as a natural part of life. Instead of looking at this in dark contrast, we can see the light.

The black flag means that beauty is found in this transformational process, though in the moment this is difficult to see. The boat in the background represents the movement from one place to another, while the young woman, bishop and child represent the very real nature of existence.

New transitions

Life is full of transitions. From old relationships and moving house, to careers and businesses. If you’re a parent, you know full well the very nature of transitions and personal transformations that take place.

From one to the next, this is something that we very much become accustomed to over time. It’s a time to clear away the negative energy and stigma revolving around the passing on. Sudden changes will come unexpectedly and to every single one of us.

This is a signal that it’s time to let go of attachments to living forever or simply holding on. Once we go, we can live a more meaningful and happy life which is of great significance, while moving away from pain and discomfort.

These new transitions won’t initially be easy. It takes time to formulate a new habit or pattern and emerge out the otherside as a new person. This is especially true if we’re in our 50’s and 60’s.

Once this baggage does go, life can show us the glow of the tunnel ahead.

Going forward

It’s time to do a cleanse. Let go of the old energy. You may wish to get out the white sage and do a cleanse in the immediate time. Such heavy energy is really apparent in The Death Tarot Upright yet we can see a more positive meaning here.

Let’s build some more constructive patterns for our life. New opportunities surrround us with many possibilities and opportunities, once this dark period is behind us.

Big and sudden changes are coming your way and it’s time to make preparations.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The Tower Upright Tarot: What Does This Card Mean?

The Tower upright tarot card represents the instant creation of chaos and need to take sudden and drastic action with little prior planning. This is the time when you must be fully aware of pending situations.

The Tower Upright Meaning

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. For many, they never quite achieve the things that they had set out for themselves in their earlier days and have instead settled for the ‘easy life’.

Psychic reading of The Tower Upright tarot card

Now, such times are relatively easy to handle…until something BIG comes along unexpectedly. If you’ve ever experienced a family emergency then you’ll know just how much your heart can sink.

It’s during these times that we ultimately come to the present moment. There is no need for a yoga class to help pull us to focus on these moments since chaos does surround us. So then, how do we handle htis?

Card meaning

The Tower Upright is a ‘No’ Tarot card. We have done our reading using the Rider Waite series as we have done with many of our tarot cards. Essentially we must expect the things we can’t yet see.

The Tower Upright Meaning
The Tower Upright Tarot Card Meaning

Atop this mountain is the tall tower. While it’s built strong, its foundations are ultimately weak and thus more powerful energy can easily knock it over. It was designed based on ambition without forethought towards what can go wrong.

The lighting we can see symbolizes that threats can literally come out of nowhere. It doesn’t take much to destroy what initially seemed solid and peaceful. Did you count the flames? There are 22 of them and the Tree of Life has 10 points while hte Zodiac has 12.

This is an important note to see meaning as we can learn that in times of complete upheaval and disaster, the universe and divine intervention is always there to carry us through. We’ll be OK if we simply trust our higher power.

The people depicted here are desperate to escape. They can’t wait any longer and are totally unaware of the dangers of jumping. Essentially, they haven’t had time to prepare for the totally unexpected.

New foundations

During such times when you’re litearlly put on the spot to perform, you ultimately have two choices:

  1. Hope, wish and pray that things will turn out properly.
  2. Learn from this experience, become a stronger person and become wiser.

We believe that #2 is ultimately a better idea. You’ll find yourself in a place where you can re-focus on what’s important to you and essentially build a stronger tower. For many, that’s your soul and spirit that is always indestructable anyway.

These new foundations won’t be easy. With this burning down period you’ll be going through some painful experiences and anxiety as to what the future holds. There will be little certainty and much darkness, but what comes through after the darkest of nights? A new dawn.

This will lead you through to a place where you can emergy into new opportunities of personal fulfillment and mastery. You’ll have gone through an experience that few people are able to articulate and if it happens to them, then you’ll be the guide that they can depend on.

The Tower Upright is then the perfect card for a spiritual awakening beginning today. There are some cracks in your very own soul where the walls could come crumbling down, and when they do, you can rise higher and stronger as an individual.

Going forward

This process isn’t easy. Being thrown an unexpected and massive change which leads to potentially soul destroying experiences will test your courage and inner light, and many will need help. You may need professional assistance in this process, especially if you go through the death of a loved one, a divorce or a business failure.

Escaping the situation through a ‘get out of jail free card’ could lead to even greater problems, so this is something to face head on. After all, you’re more powerful than you’ll ever give yourself the credit for.

Many haven’t been given prior warnings but this is yours. Chaos may soon descend upon you and now’s the time to prepare!

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The Ace of Swords Upright: What Does It Mean?

The Ace of Swords Upright represents the need to break new ideas to the marketplace, firstly by having personal breakthroughs and finding clarity.

If you have thought about a solution to a problem in the world, whether big or small, then this tarot card is for you.

The Ace of Swords Upright Meaning

Are you the type of person to think of new ideas? Things that haven’t been done before? Then you’re in luck! So few people have this wisdom to think of something that the world needs.

The Ace of Swords Upright Meaning

The world has its problems, but also its opportunities. Never before have we been able to bring something to the market at such a global level. While you may not be the entrepreneurial yogi, there is still hope within your local area.

First you’ll have to find clarity and the thing you want to create. Perhaps it’s opening a yoga studio, launching your own meditation products or simply becoming a professional tarot card reader. Either way – there are opportunities out there! That said – stamina will be needed to take these ideas from concept to completion.

Card Reading

We see the hand which is holding a sword. The grip is firm and the sword is upright, representing the connection to the highest power. The wreath which drapes the sword signifies victory and having already crossed the finish line.

Card reading of The Ace of Swords Upright

Indeed all things are won twice. First they’re won in the mind and later their won in the battlefield. A battles then are essentially won long before they are fought, due to the mental resilience of individuals.

The jagged mountains we see in the background remind us that the journey isn’t easy. You’ll have to navigate some troubled areas and see clarity when things don’t necessarily go your way.

We also see the clouds at the base of the Ace of Swords Upright which means that the source of all creation comes from above. When we dream and imagine the future, we can then create it in the present.

This divine force of creation is forgiving. You can keep trying again and again, where you’ll eventually break through with more mental stamina and your own victory, whether big or small.

Encouraging times

If you have been putting something off for a long time, then now is the time to stand up. New projects and opportunities surround us today more than ever before. It’s a chance to find the inspiration for creation you posessed as a child.

The power is now yours. You hold the sword and the key to your own destiny. You can use this for good or for evil, but most commonly you’ll use it to defend yourself. After all, people will attempt to squash your ideas down.

It’s time to expand your foothold and it’s never too late to create something new. Even those in their 60’s and 70’s pick up new hobbies and things to enjoy. They thrive on making the best use of their time now that the responsibilities have gone.

With this new insight, you can clearly see what lays ahead. Will it be easy? Certainly not, but it’s your belief in yourself and the project that you’re working on that will see it completed much easier than before.

Often the best things are those which solve problems. Ask youself: Which problem are you solving for the world? Meditate on this question if you need to, and once you have the answer, it’s time to take that passion into fruition.

Going forward

We are literally living in the greatest period in human history. This is where truth and reasoning come forth. And truth is that you are so much more powerful than you ever thought possible.

With a strong heart and mind, you can solve problems at a local or global level. Success is as much about you as it is about others. It’s your responsibility to now rise to the opportunities which lay ahead.

You are ready to breakthrough and begin laying the foundations for your prosperous future ahead.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.