The Cassowary Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

The Cassowary is an animal which is rare to see in Australia, yet has strong spiritual symbolism for those who are ready to better understand its non-physical elements.

Many are curious to know if they fit this animal and what it means for them. Essentially:

The Cassowary tells us that we can be stubborn at times and be too guarding of our personal space. Instead of blocking everything out, consider allowing the right people into your life yet keep things in balance. This spirit animal does represent those who feel too possessive of their own self and environment, as much as the cassowary does in the wild.

 Cassowary Animal Totems

You may wish to explore being more open minded. This will help you tolerate those who may not share your same opinions or viewpoints, but certainly can invite the right people who may serve your journey in a better way.

Most Common Cassowary Animal Totems

You really need to find the truth of your essence. Are you being too closed to new people and opportunities, instead preferring to carve your own path and allow no followers?

The Cassowary spirit guide is asking you to take a new perspective. You have the right to be open and receptive to new ideas and concepts which can help you on the journey ahead.

We must remind ourselves that everyone is a little different. No one is going to be perfectly like us, otherwise they would be well-ingrained into our worlds already. You might be having issues with your spouse because the both of you don’t quite see eye-to-eye on some issues.

Perhaps now you should be relaxing a little. No one is going to attack you because you’re already quite confident in your own skin. Instead, look at how your personal growth can be enhanced going forward.

Cassowary Spirit Animal Positive Traits

You’re the type to walk the path long before others do. They look up to you because you’re willing to be so independent and forward-thinking.

Cassowary Spirit Animal Positive Traits

Being the protective type, you tend to draw in those who are needing of some real assurance in life. You can provide guidance, hope and inspiration by your physical acts of kindness and understanding.

It’s also hard for others to really get at you. They’re intimidated by your relentless spirit and ‘can do’ attitude which is typical of Australians.

Cassowary Spirit Animal Negative Traits

You prefer your own company if you identify with the cassowary animal totem. Thus, others feel a selse of rejection when you decline group meetings and when you’re stuck in such situations, you tend to go really quiet.

There can be some hostility in your presence as well. Some people don’t know whether to like and admire you or simply keep a clear distance. You really do feel this odd bit of energy out in public.

You’re judged for being too slow and for simply meandering around, especially as you don’t use all your abilities to your advantage. For example, the cassowary is a bird that doesn’t fly!

Seeing a cassowary in our dreams

To interpret the meaning of the cassowary that we just saw in our dreams, we need to think about what actually happened. Did it attack you? Was it simply walking past?

Seeing a cassowary when sleeping
Australians often see a cassowary like this when sleeping, especially near Cairns.

Often it does mean that you must open your mind to new people and ideas which can enhance the quality of your life. For some time you’ve been a little stubborn which others have noticed but you haven’t and this is due to your posessive nature. The cassowary came into your dream to help you realize the errors of your ways and through well-meaning intentions.

Going forward

This is a great time to undergo a new spiritual awakening using the cassowary guide. Whether you’re based in Australia or anywhere in the world, there is so much you can learn from identifying this as your spirit animal.

Be aware that sometimes you will come across situations that won’t now go according to plan. Relax as this is merely part of your self growth over the next few years.

The Kookaburra Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

The kookaburra spirit animal speaks to those who live in Australi and New Guinea with their laughing antics and early morning singing.

They mesmerize us because of their captivating beauty and fine intelligence. Many are curious about what they symbolize in the spirit world.

Kookaburras represent our internal need for self-expression. We simply cannot keep holding ourselves back from our true potential, and we must especially speak up when things aren’t quite right. The kookaburra spirit guide is speaking to you as a reminder to avoid the judgement from others when you’re amplifying your presence in the world.

Kookaburra Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

You were born to be the social chit-chat that doesn’t hide around. As an extrovert, you need to beam yourself back into the world and be comfortable in your own skin.

Most Common Kookaburra Totem Meanings

You need to speak up! This is the core meaning behind the Kookaburra and having one cross your path. The need to speak up when others would otherwise stay quiet is at the core of your essence.

You aren’t the type to hide and scurry away. Think about it when you were a child: You talked and talked….and talked! Much to your parents frustration. Unfortunately, you haven’t carried this through to your adult life.

So this is a gentle reminder not to simply remain quiet. Let that voice open up here. The kookaburra animal totem is calling you up to the challenge.

Being the social type that you are, you should be making the most of the outside world. Leave the phone behind and focus on genuine connections, preferably in a group setting.

The symbolism here really speaks to the extroverts. Those who love attention and expression themselves fully in the world around them.

Kookaburra Spirit Animal Positive Traits

You’re the life of the party and it never gets started until you show up. You can keep going and going until even after the lights have been turned off. Your vibrancy is infectious and people want to hang around you.

Being the extrovert that you are, it helps you get into higher positions in life. You’re ascending quite quickly and others marvel at just how confident you are. It isn’t luck – this is a trained skill that you have!

Also, it really helps others that you’re in this place of supreme confidence. You see, many people will find that spark inside themselves once they see how well you flow easily through life.

Kookaburra Spirit Animal Negative Traits

On the contrary, the kookaburra spirit animal suffers from excessive attention. You’ll be the subject of haters and critics who would love to take you down. In Australia, this is called ‘tall poppy syndrome’.

You tend to lose friends who can’t get a word in. Literally – you just sometimes talk way too much and they don’t get a chance to speak up themselves. You’re inspiring them, but not letting them have some spotlight.

At the end of everyday, you’re exhausted but your brain is also running at 100 miles per hour. You can’t stand this alone time and combined, you often just lose sleep. You’ll often pick up some coffee the next morning and you’re off again to talk talk talk.

Seeing a kookaburra in a dream

Did you see a kookaburra in a dream last night? It’s a sign from Australia that you need to be louder in your approach through life. Stop playing this small game where you go unnoticed, and instead start walking through life with more confidence and vocalize your thoughts. The kookaburra knows that it has its fair share of critics, yet it doesn’t care.

You might often hear these animals when you wake up in the morning as well. They are charming yet there is a sense of ‘Why did you wake me up this early’? running in the back of your mind. The kookaburra? Well…they care so little, because they’re too busy expression themselves! This is all too common with the laughing kookaburra which has the same meaning.

Closing thoughts

It’s time for you to step into the essence of who you are. No more hiding and pretending that everything should be quiet. You’re an extrovert if you connect with the kookaburra spirit animal, and one that expresses themselves freely.

Go forth and shine light in the world through your voice. Whether that’s speaking, singing or chanting – you know your gift and the world needs to hear it!

The Swan Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

The swan animal spirit is one presented to those who need to trust their human instincts and gut feelings. When things feel right, or feel right, you should trust it.

You’ll be encouraged to relax and flow effortlessly through life. Being guided by our inner wisdom is essential to flowing through life in joy and laughter.

The Swan animal totem speaks of grace, trust, intuition and beauty. You can call upon this spirit animal when you are ready to unleash your creative pursuits and manifest your dreams. Many people feel guided by the swan spirit animal when desiring to create more balance and trust in their inner and outer worlds.

The Swan Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

This is very much a soul-driven totem that carries us forth through the ebbs and flows in life.

Most Common Swan Totem Meanings

Once the swan animal spirit is working for you, you’ll find stillness and tranquility in your daily pursuits. You won’t feel so rushed nor have the need to fit in with others.

This gives way towards you being able to plan things properly. That gratitude journal of yours will become filled with inspiration and moments of joy. You’ll make the most of what you have.

You’ll be drawing inwards with the swan spiritual symbolism to see just how amazing things can already be. Instead of trying to pursue new creative pursuits, you’ll instead recharge yourself with what you have already.

Faith is a common feeling with those who see the swan meanings. They begin to believe that their life is being guided and inspired by a higher power or by their inner dialogue which becomes more placid and relaxed.

Belief is another power that comes forth. The belief in our inner and outer beauty with almost no self-criticism or frustrations. Finally! Our dreams can start manifesting in the material world.

Swan Spirit Animal Positive Traits

People are amazed at your beauty. Your real beauty, not some made-up social media star. You radiate beauty inside and out through simply being you, and thus, you inspire others to do the same.

If you’re in a relationship, then you’re devoted. Commitment is something that you hold in high regard and will be loyal to the same individual with no distractions. They’re for keeps!

You keep your word. If you say you’ll accomplish something, then you’ll accomplish it. People trust you and see that you’ll make it happen regardless, despite your existing responsibilities.

Swan Spirit Animal Negative Traits

Others may be put off by how perfect your life is. Surely there has to be a flaw…and there are! You chase perfection when you don’t need to be so ideal in your daily pursuits. They say ‘done’ is better than ‘perfect’ in the world of creativity.

You’re also very vulnerable. People want to knock you down whenever they can because you’ve mastered your inner and outer world. It’s difficult to deal with conflict in such situations.

You’ll also want to spend more time with those who share your same vision. Thus, you’ll let go quite easily of those who are taking away your energy stores.

When To Call On The Swan Animal Totem

It’s best to call upon the Swan spirit animal when you need more self-assurance in your life. If you haven’t felt quite right recently and need to feel comfortable in your own skin, then this will give you more faith and belief that you have all the answers already.

When To Call On The Swan Animal Totem

Feeling lost, insecure or heartbreak is another great time to call on this animal totem. The swan provides hope that you can rise more powerful and strong than ever before. You’ll have the audacity to admit that you fell short but it’s never the end. There are just things you need to work thorugh.

Seeing Swans in Dreams

If you recently saw a swan when you were sleeping, then this represents your need to find more assurance and certainty in your life.

Seeing Swans in Dreams

You have been a bit harsh on yourself recently. The swan came to you in your dream to nourish your swan and remind you just how beautiful you really are. You were made to be an inspration to the wordl and this is a solid reminder.

It’s time to rise and be authentic once again. Return to that child-like state where life was a journey of unlimited possibilities and where no judgement was ever placed upon your soul.

Final thoughts

Your chance is here to grow more emotionally and spiritually. It’s been hard up until this point and the universe wants to help you, as does the swan animal totem. Soon you will discover even more joy and wonder in the world.

We are truly living in the best time in recorded history to be alive. Let’s shine forth and find grace in the moments of wander!

The Giraffe Spirit Animal and Animal Totem Meanings

The Giraffe Spirit Animal is one that works for some of us. A mighty beautiful animal that means no harm for individuals.

Therefore, the giraffe represents those who accept their unique differences and realize that there is nothing to hide. No masks or hiding behind a veil. The giraffe spirit animal is yours if you feel perfectly comfortable in your unique weirdness.

It can forge a strong bond to you if you’re the type of person with a big heart and open soul.

Common Giraffe Animal Totem Meanings

This is the animal that is accepting of itself. It knows it can’t change anything and thus, it simply moves on easily with its life. Self-love is quite evident here.

Common Giraffe Animal Totem Meanings

The most common meaning is to begin loving ourselves first, as does the Giraffe. Once you do, others will love you back. Don’t think that you’re someone that you’re not.

We’re reminded to embrace the weirdness of our lives. Those things that we perceive as imperfect and what others might judge as flaws, are simply unique characteristics of our lives.

We must simply present ourselves as real. Being ‘that’ character on social media just isn’t us.

You must be mastering the desire to stand out when others would simply hide. There is no hiding such beauty and elegance! You are prominent and necessary to shine light in the world.

Be a kind soul that is strong and brave. Others might ridicule you, but up there you certainly can’t hear!

Giraffe Spirit Animal Positive Traits

You’re definitely unique! In fact, you feel very happy about this and wouldn’t have it any other way. Many people appreciate your gentle nature and good spirits.

Your intuition is alive and well. You can sense love, connection, fear and hatred from others without even them being present in the room. Many people see you as ‘switched on’ with a clear vision of the physical and spiritual world.

People love your warm nature and how comfortable you are in your own skin. This gives them permission to try something new and become more creative in the process.

Giraffe Spirit Animal Negative Traits

It’s quite typical that you’re reluctant to do anything socially big. A quiet night is much more preferred than a big group of friends. Some might see your rejections as you being a supremist.

Your well-developed emotional states and being the listening type does help others, but you yourself struggle to get heard. It almost seems like no one can see the challenges you face up there.

You might also try to talk down on people, or at least that’s the way it is perceived. Sharing gossip when you shouldn’t sometimes gets you in trouble.

Seeing a giraffe when sleeping

Did you see a giraffe recently in a dream? This means that you can’t keep living within the limitations of others. You are an individual with unique characteristics, and thus, should be comfortable in your own skin accomplishing the things that feel dear to your heart.

Seeing a giraffe when sleeping

The giraffe in the wild cares little about the judgement of others. You should consider the same thought process.

Calling on your Giraffe Spirit Animal

There are certainly times when you should call on your spirit animal, such as:

  • When you had a dream about a giraffe
  • You’re ready to explore new heights of creation
  • You want to become more comfortable in your awkwardness
  • The past events leave you overwhelmed, though you can’t change anything
  • Your mind is racing and you can’t get in total control

This is an ideal time to get in touch with the symbolism of this animal. This wouldn’t be a bad idea and indeed many people take this option and discover new things about their life!

Closing thoughts

Giraffes are such majestic creatures that we all love and adore. We can’t ignore how comfortable they are in their own skin. The spiritual messsage and meaning here is that we must posess the same qualities within ourselves.

We are born to shine and let go of the judgements of others. Allow ourselves to be free and consciously create our own worlds, free of the perceptions of others. Let yourself today become a shining example of greatness.

The Honey-Bee Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

The bee spirit animal is one that captivates us. Did you just see a bee and are curious about what it means? There is much we can learn.

Bees symbolise in the spiritual world our need to create miracles in our lives which can then positively impact others. Just like the bees move from plant to plant to pollenate, we need to be on the move to find new opportunities to enrich our lives which can also help the lives of others.

This might your chance to examine if you’re really living up to your full potential.

Common Honey-Bee Animal Totem Meanings

If the honey-bee spirit animal enters your life, it’s a chance to call your attention towards chances to create some magic. Whether that’s for your life or those around you.

Common Honey-Bee Animal Totem Meanings

In fact, if you bring this magic into your life first, then it becomes easier to impact the lives of those around you later. So then…you can afford to be a little selfish if you identify this as your spirit animal.

You’ll be able to lift the consciousness of yourself, your community and even the world around you. Even tiny changes can lead to extraordinary results, but you need to make a decision.

Start bringing yourself into a place where such changes can occur. Avoid the responsibilities and distractions of the world for a little while and focus where you can create genuine magic.

Some people align this with their purpose in life. Why not, right? We’re here to have fun!

Honey-Bee Spirit Animal Positive Traits

You’ll be seen as someone who can care and nurture for others. You see light in their world when they otherwise won’t see it.

People are then guided by you. They see faith in what you’re teaching and will rise to the occasion. This is simply because you stood up and choose to create magic in your world which then spread to theirs.

Often you will go out of your way to help others, even if it’s an inconvenience. Nothing is too hard for you. When someone is suffering, you’re already there before they call you!

Honey-Bee Spirit Animal Negative Traits

Sometimes you can be harmful and dangerous, but not all of the time. You just want to go about your business and get the job done holistically.

When people threaten your work, you will respond in a hostile nature. This takes them as surprise and they suddenly see you as a threat as well, and thus, you might create a bad name for yourself.

This is out of character but you can’t help youself. You believe in your cause and the mission. You want humanity uplifted and this is your life’s work.

Honey-Bee Spirit Animal FAQs

I saw a bee. What does this mean?

Seeing a bee outside spiritually symbolises the connection of yourself to the entire world. You’re not just an outside but an integral part of the entire eco-system and your existence here is noted. In fact, you’re expected to do your part for the enrichment of humanity through creating moments of magic.

When should I call upon my bee spirit animal?

That’s a great question! It’s best to call upon the bee when you’re ready to spread joy and happiness in the world, while working on new projects and ideas. You’ll certainly be working with new people who share your renewed enthusiasm and passion for following through on your work.

A bee was in my dream. What does this mean?

Seeing a bee when we were sleeping is a common sight. This represents that you have parts of your life that have become stagnant. You aren’t in danger but should renew certain areas such as your lifestyle and health.

I killed a bee. Is this bad karma?

You won’t get a bad spell or negative karma from killing a bee, though sometimes a swarm of bees might attack you if you come near their nest. If you have killed a bee, you might actually feel stress from ending the life of another being. Take out a few minutes to give thanks to its physical and now spiritual existence knowing that you’ll carry its message forward which is to find harmony on the planet.

Closing thoughts

It’s time to step up to the plate and spread some good things around. The world has had too much hate and violence over these last few decades and needs pollenators just like you.

Be a guiding light for others to follow by starting internally. Do the right thing and you’ll be surprised what returns to you!

The Rhinoceros Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

The rhinoceros spirit animal is one mighty powerful animal known for being fiercely independent, focused and strong.

This is the type of creature that you wouldn’t want to mess with in the world. Its spiritual symbolism then is quite obvious:

The rhinoceros spirit animal represents our stamina, personal power and head-strong vision for the life that we are creating for ourselves and our family. It reminds of the need to be powering on in the face of adversity and protecting our territory and pride. The rhinocros animal totem resonates with you if you feel a sense of stepping into your greatness.

If this animal was a human, it would easiliy be Tony Robbins! The man who motivated and inspired the world to build a thick skin and get into the heat of the battle.

Most Common Rhinoceros Animal Totem Meanings

When you’ve got the rhinoceros (commonly referred to as the ‘rhino’) spirit animal appearing to you, then you know that it’s time to step up to the plate. You cannot play small any more.

That is the most common meaning of this animal totem. You can’t be simply stuck in a contemplating state of mind. Instead, you should focus on what you can accomplish right now.

Successful people don’t linger around. They don’t want for the perfect opportunity. Instead, they literally take the bull by the horns and get into what needs to get done!

A common spiritual meaning is that the animal totem helps us become aware of the vast richness which are available to us. We can use this when we’re feeling a lack of trust in the universe.

You can allow their protective and powerful nature to guide you in the journey ahead. They are certainly helpful creatures to those who are capable enough to step up to the plate.

Rhinoceros Spirit Animal Positive Traits

You’re the leader in your own little world. People see vast amounts of strength and determination inside of you and someone who really takes advantages of such fine opportunities to grow.

While others would be fearful, you simply walk straight on in. You believe in the magic of personal growth and continually try to learn new things. Motivational music is your #1 choice in music.

You’ve taken many risks in your life and they have always paid off. People question how this happened, but you remind them that it certainly wasn’t easy but it was worth the price.

Rhinoceros Spirit Animal Negative Traits

Some people are intimidated by your constant pursuits of bigger challenges. It makes them look small and thus, they are the ones to almost immediately leave your life.

Relaxing or meditation is actually quite difficult for you and you even struggle to comprehend why people would do this. After all, there is so little time and so much to actually do out there!

Compromising isn’t something that you’re fond of. You’ll go premium when others would happily live with standard offerings. You’re just playing at a different level and thus, manifesting the right relationships becomes so much harder.

Seeing a rhinoceros in our dreams

Did you catch a glimpse of a rhinoceros when you were sleeping? You might be thinking of Africa.

Seeing a rhinoceros in our dreams

The rhinoceros inside dreams represent your higher self wanting you to rise up to bigger challenges. It’s finished with you playing a small game because you were built for the big stuff, not little fiscal things that don’t move the needle in your life and business. You’ve problem had dreams of becoming quite successful and the rhinoceros reminds you that now is the time.

Closing thoughts

You have unique characteristics that so few others have if you identify the rhino as your spirit animal. It’s time to end the little games and go hunting for bigger missions.

Step into the greatness that surrounds your life. It’s something that has been calling you for some time, and this strength has now arrived to carry you from start to finish!