Grokker Yoga + Fitness App Review: Still Worth It?

Grokker has a strange name for a yoga and fitness app and we decided to purchase a membership and share our experiences within this unbiased review.

After all, someone’s direct experiences is a great way to know if this is worth paying for.

Grokker Review

Unique in the market is Grokker which is an online yoga platform geared towards the corporate crowd and teams. Essentially, employees can potentially perform better if they jump on board with this platform.

Grokker also has a personal side for individuals who want to simply get on board. Perhaps you’ve heard about this from a friend or co-worker and you’re interested, but you’re not sure just yet? If so – this Grokker review is exactly for you.

We bought it and decided to get on the inside.

The dashboard

Let’s just say we’re impressed by the overall look and feel of the Grokker platform. This is sensational!

The layout is exactly what we’ve been waiting for with an online yoga platform considering that we’ve reviewed dozens of these previously.

Grokker review

Everything is well layed out and you can find the right yoga class for you pretty easily once signing in.

Progress tracking

One of the unique things about this platform is the yoga activity tracking. Everytime you take a class, it shows your personal activity and you can compare this with others on the platform.

Progress tracking with Grokker

More importantly – it shows your progress over time. You can also set yourself some challenges to keep you motivated over future months.

Q&A Cafe

One thing lacking with many of these premium yoga online platforms is the community. Either you get a Facebook group with ads and distractions or you simply get nothing at all.

Q&A Cafe

Luckily, the Q&A Cafe is the solution. On any given day you’ll find hundreds of qualified members to help you with questions with general chit-chat around the yoga lifestyle, asanas and meditation.

More importantly – everyone’s encouraging and there is no body shaming allowed here.

Not just yoga

One of the best things about Grokker is that it’s also designed for HIIT training and in fact, that’s the main focus. You’ll find lots of cardio and strength lessons in here.

Fitness videos and programs

What we love is the cooking videos here with vegetarian certainly catered for.

Cooking videos

The times cater for an international market so whether you’re in Australia, Canada, United States, London, Auckland or Singapore, you can still find a class that suits your timezone with Grokker. The only exception is that weekend classes are minimal especially on Sundays when people are most likely going to have some spare time at home.

Extra mind content

If anything, that’s the only criticism we can give about this platform. The cost is on-par and many employers gift this to their employees.

Grokker fitness app

Not on Youtube

A lot of the content here isn’t on YouTube. Also – it isn’t promotional and gets into the straight line of yoga and fitness.

You can also do group workouts with friends either virtually or invite them over. The weekly schedule has 5 to 7 classes per day where you can book in.

There is a corporate feel as that’s the main audience. For those looking to build a better posture, we’ve noted lots of content on workplace wellness.

This program works well as a way to enhance ergonomics in the workplace where you can do yoga at your desk.

Getting started

So then, what’s our final verdict on Grokker? Well, it’s perfect for the right student and that’s typically the burned-out corporate worker.

For those not in this space then there are some really great alternatives to Grokker out there.

Either way – online yoga is really a supplement to a real studio and genuine connections with other students. Build your tribe offline while using these platforms where needed.

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Active by POPSUGAR Review: Is It Worth It?

Active by POPSUGAR is a popular fitness platform in Australia, but is it any good? We decided to try it out personally. You can actually join for free!

There are many reasons why you’d want to join an online fitness or yoga platform. Personally, we love these and we’ve even reviewed online yoga platforms quite often on here.

So let’s see how this compares.

Active by POPSUGAR review

There are 3 main reason why you’d join this platform. It’s either strength, cardio or yoga.

However, there are also 3 core reasons to stay on board. These are the challenges, the leaderboard and the online discounts/coupons you can get as a member of the platform.

We’re going to cover each one individually so you can get a holistic perspective.

Strength training

There are 275 strength training fitness classes on the Active by POPSUGAR platform, with dozens more being added each month.

Strength training Active by Pop Sugar

You can also choose the difficulty levels. These include beginner, intermediate and advanced. Also – the 20 minute workouts are popular but you’ll also find some workouts which are 60 minutes or longer.

For genuine strength training, it’s very limited effectiveness unless you have some free weights around. We’d highly recommend these if you have them available.

Cardio Workouts

The main reason why people join this app is to get on board with the cardio workouts. There are currently 111 cardio workouts which you can access for free with Active by PS.

Cardio Workouts

Active by Popsugar lets you choose between dance, cardio, boxing, full body and more. As with the strength training, you can choose your level of difficulty and the length of the class too.

So how are they? Incredible! You’ll find plenty here that will get you off the couch and burning through some sweat.

Yoga classes on Active by Pop Sugar

Here’s what we’ve been waiting for! The yoga classes here aren’t your typical vinyasa or slow-flow series. You won’t really find hatha or yin yoga here, but there is some good content.

Yoga classes on Active by Pop Sugar

Personally – it’s a bit too cardio still because it includes pilates classes. If you’re looking for yoga classes then you’ll actually find better value from free YouTube videos.

You can find varying degrees of difficulty and length. Just remember that this primarily is a fitness membership not a yoga platform.

The extras

In addition to the content, you can also choose one of the challenges or get yourself on the leadership. It really takes at least 40 full attended classes to make your way here.

The extras

The challenges are well worth it if you need some motivation to get yourself pumping.

What we really love is the updated videos. You’ll see new videos as soon as they’re released.

Who uses this?

Often it’s the busy mum or the exhausted corporate worker. Those who are limited on time and can’t attend the gym in the hours they have. You know – even 20 minutes per day of working out is better than nothing.

We recommend using a full-screen TV. Avoid the temptation to simply use this on your phone as it can be distracting with social media notifications.

Lots of Australians do use Active by Pop Sugar every month. From the leaderboard inside the app, you’ll see a few thousand people who have left reviews about each individual workout video.

Getting started

Now that we’ve seen that this doesn’t really provide value for the yoga crowd, we would still recommend it for the fitness fanatic. Australians are the most likely to use this platform, however the majority of the workout presenters are actually based in North America.

Either way – for an app which doesn’t cost you anything currently – it’s definitely worth using!

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A Live Yogi Review: Is It Any Good?

Online yoga is booming!

Becuase these days, less of us want to jump in the car for yet another yoga class.

And so that search often brings us to platforms such as A Live Yogi.

We decided to write this completly unbiased review. We do not have an affiliate or business relationship with this platform so you’ll get our honest thoughts.

Let’s begin!

A Live Yogi Review

Yep, we get it. We share the same name. Yocean Yogi is a yoga brand coincidently also based here in Australia.

We’re passionate about what we do. We’re also very passionate about yoga – both as exercise and philosophy. We couldn’t think of anything better on a Sunday evening than a Kirtan chant.

Now – there are yoga studios all over Australia and all over the world. In fact, each year, thousands of people head to yoga retreats and festivals such as the Bali Spirit Fest.

A Live Yogi Review

Yet there’s a percentage who desire to keep things simple. They just want yoga.

And for those people, A Live Yogi appears on the surface to be the perfect solution. The monthly fee is equilavent to a 1-hour class in a traditional studio.

But they’re not the only platform in town. We’ve audited dozens of online yoga studio platforms and have found many of them to be fantastic, but they also vary in price and class offerings.

Let’s see what we have here.

The yoga classes

Compared to many other platforms which are slim, A LIve Yogi has really pushed hard to create a holistic platform. You’ll find Power Yoga, Yin, Hatha, Prenatal and Kundalini yoga at the minimum.

Strangely, their Vinyasa classes were very minimal. This is a key downside worth noting, however their platform continues to grow each and every week.

Using the online yoga platform
We thoroughly enjoyed the Yin and Gentle classes.

Yoga with Kids and Sport Support are two note-worthy additions which are rarely found in other platforms. One thing to note is that there are now 700+ yoga classes on their platform with a range of teachers.

The platform quality

Often platforms are substandard, but not here. A Live Yogi has excellent sound and audio quality since their teachers 95% of the time wear clip on microphones.

Now – you won’t find this to be ultra-Instagrammy like Omstars but aethesically it’s still very clean, and most importantly – genuine. The classes are run by independent teachers so there are indoor and outdoor classes but it still doesn’t feel distracting.

In addition – there are programs on offer for meditation, yoga philosophy and mindfullness. In full disclosure, we haven’t really sifted through this content yet as we’re only evaluating their online yoga classes.

A Live Yogi teachers

One of the most noteworthy elements is yoga teachers. Some platforms we’ve evaluated have 200+ yoga teachers so it can be quite overwhelming as to who’s classes you’ll want to gravitate towards.

Similarly to a physical yoga studio, you do find yoga teachers that you resonate with and others that…well….you don’t quite vibe with – and that’s OK! At this time, there are about 16 teachers and surprisingly, only one of them is male.

One notable teacher is Lauren Verona, owner of Zenko Yoga which is one of the best yoga studios on the Sunshine Coast. If you do visit the region, get along to one of her three studios.

Closing thoughts

It’s still early days for A Live Yogi, much like our own yoga brand. As a grassroots enterprise, they’re looking to take on some of the giants in the industry who are backed by deep-pocketed investors.

We believe in being conscious towards where we spend our dollars, both in person and online. Is A Live Yogi the absolute best out there? Not yet, especially as the community is small, but the ethics are certainly there.

Would we still recommend their platform? Absolutely.

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Yogaia Review: Is Their Online Yoga Good?

Yogaia is an online yoga class platform that we decided to recently join. Here’s our unbiased review where we’ll share our experiences today.

Yogaia Review

We have joined quite a number of these online yoga memberships over the last few months. Essentially, we wanted to show our loyal fans what is good and what isn’t so good.

Yogaia Review

As for Yogaia, it’s certainly gorgeous. They have had this truly designed, not just created by computer programmers. Here’s what is waiting on the inside:

Just purely nice looking aesthetics.

Using Yogaia

Yogaia runs live classes every single day. Unfortunately for Australians these are at odd times (4am) and most will be left disappointed. However, the replays are available.

As for lengthy classes, there are certainly some great options here:

Live yoga classes

We’re not a fan of super-short yoga classes. That’s really just a tutorial for us.

Some of the alternatives to Yogaia that we’ve reviewed have 10 minute yoga classes. That’s just super short and not really effective, unless that’s all the time you have.

The platform at a glance

Make no mistake: The main focus is on asanas. You won’t find much meditation. You’ll find even less yoga wisdom. And you certainly won’t find holistic living.

Whether that’s video content or articles, that side of the yoga lifestyle isn’t here.

The entire focus here with Yogaia is on cleanliness. If you’re the minimalist, then you’ll love this. If you love to have lots of options, then you will be left disappointed.

There aren’t any distractions. They also do away with the commercialisation of yoga for the most part. It’s just straight…yoga classes. And for most people, that’s all they need.

Content quality

We went through 21 different yoga classes on the platform over a 17 day period. We decided to use a range of different teachers and tried Yin, Vinyasa and Hatha.

The audio quality was excellent as was the lighting and video quality. A big let down was that most of the teachers were simply too far from the camera that it was hard to really see their form properly.

Perhaps this is to lessen intimidation. Or maybe this plays in well with their minimal approach to the Yogaia platform. Either way, this is our own criticism on this platform.

The teachers

There are dozens of teachers on this platform now teaching thousands of students each month. You can find teachers that resonate with you and filter by specific teachers as well.

In other platforms, the teachers often have a course to upsell you. Here there isn’t any upsells. It’s just pure yoga, the way it ought to be!

The teachers, much like the platform, also do away with the ‘extras’. They simply return to the true essence of the yoga lifestyle. For both students who are men and women, there is certainly something to be said for simplicity.

The ideal student

Most people who use Yogaia are intermediate students. You are simply looking for yoga without the frills. You don’t need the upsells or the extras. “Just give me some clean yoga”.

If that’s you – then you’re the ideal student here. More yogis are realizing that other platforms are simply too full-on to really take full use from.

Beginners will find some great content here too, but generally this is more for the intermediate student.

In summary

We really liked our experiences with Yogaia and will stay on for the long term. The pricing is quite affordable and the 14-day free trial that they offer is certainly a great chance to experience the platform and their classes.

What has your experience been like with this platform? Let us know in the comments below.

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Yoga Anytime Review: Are They Worth It?

Yoga Anytime is an online yoga stream and meditation platform. We’ve signed up recently and are sharing our experiences with our review.

We’ve chosen to go with an unbiased approach. Therefore, there isn’t any links to join on this page and there is no business relationship between us.

Essentially, we’ll show you what there actually is.

Yoga Anytime Review

Jumping on this platform, we’re delighted to see a healthy layout:

Yoga Anytime Review
This is what you’ll see inside Yoga Anytime once you join

Everything about this screams “We know you” unlike other platforms we’ve reviewed. Yep, this is probably the 11th or 12th online yoga platform that we have done a review on in the last few months.

Seems like Yoga Anytime really understand their customer. It isn’t bland and yet it isn’t overly engaging either. There aren’t any jump-cuts or advertising trying to steal your attention away. It’s just purely clean as you should expect from any home yoga platform or membership.

By the way, they currently have the 15-day trial on offer.


There are hundreds of videos inside designed for all age groups and starting positions.

Yoga Anytime Classes

You can see what’s trending on the platform and what other students are watching now:

Yoga Anytime Review Trending videos

As well as the latest yoga classes that have been uploaded to the platform:

If you’re into Vinyasa Flow, then you’ll love their 60-minute power sessions:

Followed by 10 minutes of wonderful and mild meditation:

Yoga Anytime Meditation

For those who love Restorative and Yin, you’re very well covered:

And since Yoga Anytime has been around for a while, there are some classes that have been hugely popular:

Yoga Anytime Has popular videos

All in all, easy to navigate and transition around on their platform.


One thing that really sets apart this platform is their shows. Essentially this is Netflix for the yoga world.

Yoga Anytime Adjustments

You can learn about the wisdom of yoga or simply join in the fun and see how students are adjusted.

There are popular shows that we loved watching:

Challenges for those ready for the next stage in their journey:

For the total newbie to the mat, you’re totally covered:

There are new episodes being released each week:

Yoga Anytime User Review

For those ready to dive deeper:

Yoga Anytime Membership Review

Then there is the 4-part yoga consciousness series. This is certainly going to take some time to get through!

For the Body:

For the Mind:

And then we have content for the Heart:

And lastly, for Consciousness

Neeedless to say, you’re pretty well covered!

As for the teachers, there are 120+ teachers inside the YogaAnytime platform. Many of these have 20+ videos so they’re clearly around for the long haul.

Our experiences

We really loved this online yoga app and could get lost for hours listening/watching yoga wisdom and consciousness series. For the total beginner, you’ll have the chance to get immersed into this world quite easily. In fact, they have plenty of resources for you.

There are comments underneath the most popular videos so you can see responses from fellow students. As we stated before, we really love the layout which appears to both men and women. And yes – men will find this platform to have some good options.

The ideal student is one that is newer to yoga or has some experience. If you’re moving away from the traditional studio or you need something to supplement your practice, then this is a good starting point.

In summary

If we were to given some criticsm, it’s only the price. We wish it were a little cheaper to help more people get started. After all, there are cheaper alternatives around.

But as for sheer value, it’s hard to go past what is offered on this platform.

We really loved the YogaAnytime platform. It’s much more established than others and has thousands of students already on board. Hopefully we’ll see your name on there real soon.

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MyYogaWorks Review: We Bought A Membership!

MyYogaWorks is a platform and we decided to purchase a membership. After 2 months of use, we’re here to share with you our experiences within this review.

Note: We don’t have any commercial/business relationship with MyYogaWorks.

Our aim is to holistically show what’s waiting for you on the inside as we’ve already taken this same journey previously.

Let’s begin.

MyYogaWorks Review

So just like you, we decided to get on board with their program for the purposes of adding them to our list of online yoga memberships. You see – we’ve reviewed quite a few of these so we know what to expect on the inside.

That’s the welcome message you’ll get upon entering the inside. With MyYogaWorks you’ll find more than 1,000 videos on the inside. Given there’s so many, we’re going really unpack each one for you by section.

MyYogaWorks Review

Now more on that later. Our initial thoughts are that this is a great layout! We’ve evaluated other platforms where there is so much happening that you don’t know where to start. Not here!

For beginners

If you’re new to yoga or have some previous experience with platforms or studios, then you’ll love MyYogaWorks. There are hundreds of tutorials on individual asanas as well as full length classes.

MyYogaWorks Review for beginners

Class sizes within MyYogaWorks range between 12 minutes and 67 minutes, with the average length being 38 minutes including Savasana.

Popular classes

There are thousands of people already on this yoga platform. With other platforms we’ve reviewed, you’ll see reviews on each yoga class within their platform and even comments from students on the thumbnails.

Yoga poses within the platform

Unfortunately on this platform, you’ll need to click through on to the individual video. For example:

In this case, this a tutorial video with some minimal chatter. Other videos have hundreds of comments.

The layout

We’ve mentioned before that we really love this layout! It’s clean and crisp as we can see here:

online yoga platform layout

Also, you can select between different levels of difficulty, teachers and your chosen focus. You can even find the rare yoga class which is 90 minutes long!

What we love is the grading system. Level 1 = easy, while Level 2 is medium and Level 3 is for the advanced students with at least 1 year of experience (ideally more).

MyYogaWorks class grading system

This way you’re not accidentally going into a class that’s beyond your skills.

The right student

Ideally, this is for people who are needing to continue their yoga journey but aren’t willing to stick to a class. Most people on the inside are aged 25 to 50 years old and as you’d expect, most are female.

Males are certainly catered for here with multiple yoga classes for men. We’ve noted with other online yoga platforms the lack of regard for men’s development into their practice, so this one really recognises gender equality.

We would recommend this platform for the less budget-conscious people are there are other platforms which are simply cheaper. The cost for MyYogaWorks is (at this time of writing) $15/month. We recently did a review of Gaia and feel their online yoga platform actually offers more value with the documentaries and yogic wisdom.

However – if all you want is asanas, you’ll find good value here. Aim to use this as a supplementary to your usual studio attendance. This way you can still maintain real-world connections for friends and a good connection with your existing yoga teacher who can make mild adjustments to your poses.

Getting started

It’s quite clear that this is a rock-solid platform and from our experience, we do look forward to staying on board for the long term. It’s above most other platforms in terms of the number of yoga classes, the volume of students and the minimalistic design.

And it seems many yogis agree with reviews towards MyYogaWorks generally being positive. If it feels right to you, then get started today.

Got any questions? Let us know in the comments. 🙂

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