5 Signs That You’ve Experienced A Past Life Dream

Did you recently wake up from a dream that seemed very odd…or even…somewhat enlightening.

When we wake up, often our memories don’t often come so vividly but we feel something. A calling. It feels as though you’ve experienced this before, right?

And it isn’t just childhood experiences either. It feels like long before this and only now, as an adult, are you actually discovering a glimpse into your past life.

Today even recalling a past-life experience is becoming commonplace as is experiencing the dreams themselves. No longer do we need to shy away for fear of judgement or ridicule.

The Past Life Dream Experience

Once we rest and go to sleep, our conscious mind has a well-deserved rest from the daily clog of never-ending thoughts. It’s during this time that our sub-conscious mind (some call it the unconscious mind) is able to take over. After all, the sub-conscious mind is much more connected to the divine source energy.

Have you ever gone to bed while feeling flat, exhausted or even angry? When you awaken, you feel much better apart from perhaps still feeling a little sleepy. This is an indication of your subconscious mind working and creating subtle changes while you rest.

The Past Life Dream Experience
You may experience old things in a past life dream

When we sleep, we have our sub-conscious attempting to communicate with us about a variety of things that both trouble us and excite us. This includes our relationships and upcoming decisions that determine our future.

Not only this, but it’s a chance to re-visit past lives. It brings up such experiences, memories and addresses karma that has been carried upon into this physical existence.

The question then is: How can we know if we’ve had a true past life experience in our dream?

Here are the 5 key signs you should be looking for

1. You Have a 3rd Person Perspective

You’ve probably had a dream recently where it was an experience through the eyes of someone else. Like you felt you were someone else and not yourself, even though you were indeed present.

Easily the most common sign of a past life dream is experiencing the dream as someoene else. It feels like you but the age, height, persona and even skin color may be of another being, either human or animal.

Many have reported suddenly knowing the skills of another language or tangible skills to undertake jobs such as woodworking or music. On the negative equation, you may find yourself with a gun or sword in your hand and on the battlefields.

If you have felt “This is me, but it isn’t really me…” then this is a tell-tale sign. You’re inside the body yet also observing them from the outside too as a 3rd person, with common jumping between both.

On the bright side, people often experience the desire to learn new skills and talents from these dreams. It’s as though we can remember and pick up skills very quickly through our intuition and sudden desire to learn more. You’ll be surprised what you can manifest alone from what you learned in a past life.

2. Strong Past Life Details That You Can Remember

When you wake up from a dream and suddenly you can remember those specific details about where you were, who you were talking to and even what you were wearing, then you’re already on your way. Often we reach for a notebook to write down these details before we forget.

What’s next is even more remarkable; we’re in past times. The clothes we wear and the places we’re at are certainly not of this time. You may see castles, old houses and odd clothing. You might even be experiencing an event that’s written about in many history books.

Details in past life dreams

Seeing past events in dreams will be very clear and your sensations will be heightened just as if you were in a cinema. When you’re there in the moment, you’ll feel like “I’ve been here before!” and feel like you’ve come home. Indeed you have.

Sometimes you may actually be dressed in your normal and modern-day clothes, yet be in a past dream in times gone by. Either way, if you can vividly remember the details where those around you are certainly not of this time, then you’ve certainly had past life experiences in your dream.

3. You’ll Have Repetition Over Several Months

Do you keep having the same dream over and over again? We don’t mean each night (though that does happen) but we do mean your sub-conscious keeps re-creating the same experiences.

It should almost feel like a movie on replay. You take one action and do another, while being in a time that’s not of this present moment. Past life dreams commonly happen more than once and it’s totally normal.

Past life dream tree

Your sub-concious mind is the repetitive type. It only wants to feed you what’s already there and indeed those experiences that you’ve had in times gone by. It allows us to observe all that has ever been.

These reoccuring dreams are a positive sign that you’re back in the past and you can’t influence a change in direction. Your higher self is often completely paralyzed and understands how each step will unfold, while you as the observe move through that very dream.

4. Your Dream Just Feels Very Different

These dreams of the past life are certainly much different than your other dreams. When you awaken, you’re ALIVE and excited to remember all the juicy details before you forget everything in 29 seconds.

It’s these types of dreams that actually you won’t forget. Either you’ll revisit them in the future or in the day-to-day life, you just remember exactly what happened. You might even recall them to your closest of friends.

In fact, some of your friends might even been in your dream. Soulmates jumping into our past life dreams is actually a common occurance and is a strong representation of past and possible future connections.

These different dreams are a chance to learn and reconnect with ourselves, both past and present. Many of us look to deepen our knowledge of spirituality and past life regression in the months following a dream that felt very different.

Often it’s karma rising to the surface and a chance to brush it away. You may find a chance to learn about yourself and move forward in an important decision which has been lingering for months.

5. Your Desire For Spiritual Advancement Is Explained

Are you the type of person who rushes for the New Age section in any book store? Do you open up YouTube and look for the new yoga wisdom or meditation video that’s just been uploaded? If that’s you – then your dream could very much explain this outcome.

These behaviors are very common for those on a quest to better understand themselves and their past life dream experiences in the conscious world. Spiritual advancement is after all very much tied to experiences in lives gone by.

Spiritual advancement

Everything starts to make perfect sense. The things you reach for and the connections you have with others. You’re probably beginning to connect closer with those which mimic your spiritual journey and discuss topics that others might seem as too far-fetched.

Such revelations and desire for spiritual advancement certainly carries over from past life. Tapping into our dreams and learning the lessons is only one facet but just as important, as there is much to learn about ourselves and the karmic energy that we posess.

Children and Past Life Dreams

Children are the most likely to experience a past life dream. Sometimes they will share details with their parents though often they keep such details to themselves, as each day in their physical existence presents much more fun and exciting outcomes.

It’s adults who believe more in past life dreams, yet children get to experience more. If you are a parent, we do recommend you sit down with your child in the mornings and ask them about their dreams. Listen intuitively and be present in the moment.

There will be times when your child describes dying in a past life dream and seeks comfort and security with you. If this has happened, then the University of Virginia has created an excellent resource to help find closure and understanding.

It’s Your Turn

If you’ve had an exciting dream that felt like you were in ancient times, then don’t ignore this. It’s very likely your sub-conscious mind remembering a past life and is tied closely to reincarnation.

The dream itself might seem weird yet vivid. You might see some notable numbers on your clock showing alignment and meaning. Everyone experiences such dreams differently and uniquely. After all, it’s our own personal quest through this psychic world which has strong ties to times gone by.

It’s your turn to go forth and learn from your past dreams while letting go of the negative energy. You’ve got this!

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Koi Fish and their Spiritual Significance

Koi Fish are very intriguing as a species and undoubtedly you’ve seen them in many Japanese Zen gardens. What is then their spiritual significance?

Asian cultures have really taken to the use of such fish in their lineage. While the name “Koi” is Japanese, their origins may have come from as far away as China and even Persia.

While rich with spiritual and symbolic significance, they’re also rich with color. Koi are commonly seen in yellow, orange and gold, though black, silver and white are also found though not readiliy recognized.

Understanding the Spiritual Essence of Koi Fish

To understand the very essence of their temprement and behaviours helps us to better understrand their spiritual nature too. This brings us meaning, inspiration and reasoning into our hectic daily lives.

Personal Strength

Like many fresh water speciies, Koi fish can jump up rushing streams and small waterfalls. Unfortunately, this does make them liable to injury or death by passing predators.

Koi Fish in the wild are strong but here have reached peace.

In terms of spiritual significance, these fish are determined. While the waters rush against them, they remain committed to reaching their destination.

Financial Manifestation

Koi fish internationally have been associated with financial abundance, success and luck for centuries. This is due in some ways to the fish themselves (specifically the gold varieties) being quite expensive to actually purchase given their elegance and radiant colors.

Their positive energy and gold-like appearance helps us see what we could eventually become. If we simply remove the layers, we discover our very essence.

Inner Transformation

While financial success is one thing, it’s even better to attain an inner transformation that sees us in a new light regardless of a monetary outcome. This is deeply rooted in personal courage. We must ask ourselves if we are willing to do the work.

Koi fish are remarkable species who appear docile, but are written about in numerous ancient scriptures. They are represented as being the gateway to growth, transofrmation and evolution through their relentless struggle. Only today can they find their peace and tranquility.


When we look at Koi fish, we think they’re all the same. After all, they look identical…right? Actually, each body is quite unique and no two fish are quite alike. Next time you’re at the Japanese gardens, spend an hour or three observing their size, scales and movements.

Like us, they have personality and uniqueness. They express their creative side and embody everything that nature has given. For us, we’re even more equipped as fighitng spirits to manifest and go forth into whichever direction we desire.

Self Worth

The world knows that these fish are worth a small fortune. Asian cultures have placed a high price on these and it isn’t uncommon to see wealthier famliies spending a small fortune on a large fish tank simply to store Koi.

In the spiritual world, Koi fish realize their self worth. They aren’t dragged down by the haters or critics. They have evolved beyond this point to simply show their true worth to those who wish to bask in their wonder.

Personal Reflection

This is the ultimate representation of Koi Fish and they symbolize our need to take time to reflect. Their spiritual essence has a message for us: Reach for that journal!

This is why Japanese gardens are so peaceful. It’s our time to stop the chaotic notifcations and find peace among the troubles of the world. This is our time and we have the right to drift, ponder and reflect as much as we desire. The rest of the world can wait.

Wrapping up

Get yourself to a zen garden as frequently as possible. Simply basking in the very essence of observing the majestic koi fish for just 5 minutes can help us bring more peace, tranquillity and happiness to our lives. Go on…you deserve it! 😘

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👉 5 Signs That You've Experienced A Past Life Dream (#4 Is Interesting...)

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7 Best Chakra Books [The Yogi Guide]

Chakra Books are the perfect getaway whether you’re a passionate student or reiki practitioner. We’ve reviewed some of the best chakra books out there.

We love our spiritual development as much as the next person. As such, we love reading books that inspire us to go further in our deeper practice. One such section is the study of chakras!

Reading the Best Chakra Books

Recently we had a chance to review the best chakra books available for current and aspiring yogis. Let’s have a look:

Best Chakra Books of 2020

1. Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith

Initially published more than 30 years ago, this book has created a very strong following long before social media or even digital media was even a thing. As the ultimate classic chakra book, this reference has become the gold standard.

For many, it’s the first time that they have learned about Chakras in their life. The publishers and author Anodea Judity have revised and updated this regularly over the years.

ANodea also read Eastern Body, Western Mind. This touches heavily also on the chakra systems of the body while also delving deeper into the Wheel of Life.

2. The Chakra Bible by Patricia Mercier

The thing about Chakras is that they require a holstic approach to balance properly. This comes in the form of tools and practice. We’re huge proponents of the need to regularly practice yoga and meditaiton to help you get closer into alignment.

In The Chakra Bible, Patricia helps us with step-by-step exercises that we can do quite easily to find ourselves into harmony. This includes the use of crystals, gems, essential oils, color therapy, affirmations and ancient wisdom.

You’ll love the high quality color photos inside this book which really represent how much time, effort and energy was needed to bring forth this resource. Patricia Merciers book is a solid contender for the #1 spot.

3. Chakra Awakening by Margaret Ann Lembo

We are hugely drawn to the Law of Attraction among other wonderful attributes that bring us all closer to the source of universal abundance. If you’re also a fan, then the Chakra Awakening book also has you covered.

This is also another high quality chakra book that’s perfect for both beginners and experienced yogis. You’ll find the right gemstones to get yourself into alignment as well as exercises which take just a few minutes.

If you jump inside of most spiritual Facebook groups, then this book is often a top recommendation for those who are developing their chakra balancing abilities. What’s unique is that this touches slightly more on Aromatherapy than the other two listed above.

4. The Book of Chakras by Ambika Wauters

Reading Ambika Wauter’s The Book of Chakras, you can’t help by feel that she’s really done her 10,000 hours towards spiritual mastery. She goes into depth on each chakra so you’ll know what fuels them and how they go out of balance.

For beginners, this isn’t really the best chakra book available and we would be more inclined to recommend the other books above. For those more experienced and looking for an in-depth and even advanced look at the energy centres of the body, then look no further!

The book covers individual auras and the processes of how these colors come about, while also teaching us about how to read auras effectively. It’s a holistic approach but also goes deep. Again – not one for the total beginner who just discovered the healing essence of chakras yesterday.

5. The Complete Book of Chakra Healing by Cyndi Dale

What a lot of chakra books don’t touch on is quantum physics. Science and spiritual development typically don’t go hand-in-hand but this book helps to at least partially bridge that gap. If you want a deeper dive into this world then look up Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza and Bruce LIpton.

If you’re the chakra book collector in your tribe then pick up a copy of this one. It’s perfect for energy healers, psychic readers and yoga teachers who desire to bring their students into better alignment.

There are topics such as kundalini healing, transcendental meditation and more which other books aren’t so in-depth with. Naturally it also covers a range of different chakra healing modalities and systems.

6. The Chakra Book by Osho

We can’t forget Osho! We’ve left one of the best spiritual authors on the planet almost to the end. If you want a chakra book that has a truly holistic perspective where Indian and Chinese influences collide, then this book is ideal.

Who would we recommend it to? Everyone! The Chakra Book by Osho is ideal for intuitive healers and spiritual masters, as well as those only just learning about the need to balance their energy centres. We loved its holistic approach with modern-day discoveries and paired with ancient wisdom.

This author has several fantastic books that aren’t related to chakras but for spiritual development. If you haven’t yet heard of Osho then jump into his meditations and you’ll find yourself in a zen-like space in 5 minutes.

7. The Book of Chakra Healing by Liz Simpson

Liz Simpson and Teresa Hale have authored The Book of Chakra Healing. This book addresses the most common reason why people look in the spiritual world for answers towards their life’s most pressing questions.

It’s quite common that your chakras are out of alignment due to bad experiences in the past. This explains the rise of intuitive healers and yoga teachers. It feels like there is a new yoga studio and retreat centre opening up every single day!

The best part is that you don’t need to find an external source to help bring things back into alignment. This book goes into depth on how you can create healing and harmony with your body, mind and soul through various methods. For the beginner who wants to self-heal, then it’s hard to go past this fantastic reference.

Final thoughts

Congratulations on beginning to embark on this journey of inner enlightenment! Healing your chakras through yoga, meditation, diet, exercise, tarot, reiki and relationships are all wonderful. But…true healing comes from within. You’ll need to have full intention of finding stillness in the moment and allowing those negative emotions and blocked energy to simply melt away.

Start learning today about how chakras work with these books. They are a powerful reference and can help you massively in this spiritual journey ahead, without the expenditure or time required to attend retreats and workshops.

Psychic development through reading chakra books

Let’s make the best of this spiritual existence. We only have one life, so it’s time to find true alignment and harmony!

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👉 5 Signs That You've Experienced A Past Life Dream (#4 Is Interesting...)

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🙏 7 Best Chakra Books For Beginners (Which One Have You Read?)

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