Leggings vs Yoga Pants: What Is The Difference?

Ever wondered if there’s a difference between leggings and yoga pants? Well, we did the research because – YES – there is actually a difference here.

It’s interesting though – was it the chicken or the egg that came first? It’s easy to get confused here.

Difference between Leggings and Yoga Pants

Here’s our clear and concise answer:

The difference between leggings and yoga pants is quite simple. Yoga pants are a generalized term used for yoga and sports athletic wear. This compromises of thick and thin materials, while leggings are simply a style of yoga pants and might otherwise be called yoga tights based on how thin they are.

Comparing the difference between Leggings and Yoga Pants

Essentially, yoga pants is a broad term while leggings is a specific term for skin-tight materials used during yoga and pilates classes. Men typically wear yoga pants while it’s the ladies that use leggings, though they may just call them yoga pants.

Cultural judgement

The biggest challenge for the modern-day yogi is the cultural judgements from yoga and influence from those in the industry. Yoga leggings are considered tight and expose the curvy nature of the body. For this reason, it’s considered in some parts of the world as a bad idea to wear these in public and indeed in some settings.

Leggings vs Yoga Pants

For example, it’s not a good idea to wear yoga leggings in a restaurant, airline lounge, workplace setting or when cycling. Yoga pants, however, can be used in some of these situations are they are more formal and less revealing.

You will find some yoga pants which are sold as ‘lounge pants’ which are quite flexible and don’t interfere with your practice. Men typically choose this as such materials and style in the design makes them feel more comfortable and masculine.

Build quality

The thin nature of leggings also make them prone to tear. Wearing these tight lycra leggings on public transport could spell disaster if you happen to get a tear in the wrong spot! Also, they aren’t the best for active sports such as running since wear and tear resistance is minimal.

Some manufacturers such as Nike do in fact sell thicker leggings for runners in colder climates. These aren’t really made from flexible materials and typically don’t suit stretching in yoga classes.

Men wearing yoga leggings

Yoga pants are made thick. You’ll find them to last for several years and are less likely to ‘outdate’ with their designs. Such designs are also quite neutral where as yoga leggings have creative and funky designs. Have you ever spotted someone in a yoga studio and admired their yoga leggings or yoga mat? This is a real craze happening right now.

You’ll also find more padding in yoga pants. If you are practising headstands, then we would recommend pants in case you come crashing down. Also, in the case of public yoga studios, it’s less likely that you’ll get that feeling that someone is watching.

Sexualization of yoga

Unfortunately, leggings have caused the sexualisation of yoga. You’ve no doubt seen someone wearing yoga leggings (or perhaps you called them yoga pants) that were too tight. You can literally see ‘everything’ whether it’s a man or woman.

This clinging to the bottom then raises the question of intention for the yogi. Are they there to really practice yoga or is there another subliminal intention? What about the other attendees?

At the core, yoga at its origins is a religion. There is no other ‘religion’ that uses sex to sell its products. There is a deep history and culture attached to yoga which many yogis unfortunately don’t understand.

And look – this isn’t just yoga. We can see the craze with skin-tight workout gear for gym junkies too! But in the world of yoga where authenticity, truth, judgement, insecurity and happiness are all at play…perhaps we must ask if leggings are really required.

Sustainable alternatives

We absolutely love jungle pants for those who practice in colder climates, which are otherwise known as harem pants. These made a great alternative ot yoga pants or tights/leggings. Wearings often report more skin protection while allowing you to practice complex asanas with confidence.

Sustainable alternatives to yoga pants and leggings

The only challenge is that they generally don’t look *that* attractive, but if you’re just there for your yoga practice (and you should be…) then there is no question. These jungle pants do fall under the yoga pants category.

You might also want to consider full yoga tights or leggings that have shorts at the top. This gives you the best of both worlds, though doesn’t necessarily protect you in the event of a crash.

Going forward

It’s easy to mistake one of the other. Yoga pants are simply the top category to describe all athletic clothing used in yoga studios, while leggings are simply tight material which feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all.

When shopping, consider the type of classes you’ll be attending and NOT the type of studio or students you’ll be surrounding with. Yoga can be a selfish pursuit (we’re saying that nicely) where you do attend for the sole purpose of leaving behind the outer world and going inwards.

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7 Best Yoga Blankets [Yogi Buying Guide]

Yoga Blankets are just perfect for a deep Savasana after an intensive yoga class. Here are some of the best cotton, wool and alpaca yoga blankets.

Now, you don’t need to specifically buy a yoga blanket. Any blanket is fine to use in a yoga class where it’s traditionally used during Savasana. Yet…there is something to really enjoy about the soft feel of these specific blankets.

These are comfortable, thick (but not too thick), washable, large and certainly feel like they weigh you down a little. This helps you melt more into your yoga mat.

The 7 Best Yoga Blankets

We’ve done the research as experienced yoga practitioners to bring you this excellent list. Yocean Yogi would only recommend products that we feel deliver the best experience even if that means paying a little more. This is why we steer away from cheap yoga blankets or those Chinese products you’d typically find on Amazon.

Cold yoga outside

Currently, the best blankets for yoga are:

1. Lotuscrafts Yoga Blanket

We love natural materials and Lotuscrafts has created the perfect blanket which is made from 100% cotton. It’s also quite thick generally compared to a cotton sheet, and then you can fold it if you need more support.

What we truly love is that they manufacture these under fair trade work conditions and the eyes used are quite natural. There’s nothing worse than opening a package and getting that ‘whiff’ of a new product from the factory. Imagine what the workers have to put up with!

The size is 80″ by 60″ which is ideal for most people.

2. Manduka Recycled Wool Blanket

While this isn’t popular with the vegans, recycled wool yoga blankets are commonly found in yoga studios across the world. They are certainly warmer than their cotton equivalents but they do take a long time to dry.

It’s soft and eco-friendly and you might even want to use this for sleeping. We’ve read reports of people falling asleep during Savanasa because this yoga blanket was just too comfy!

Note: It’s not 100% wool. 25% of the materials are synthetic so if you’re looking for fully natural, go with the Lotuscraft we mentioned above.

3. El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga Blanket

If you’re living in the United States and want to sustainably source a yoga blanket for home or at the studio, then it’s hard to skip past El Paso Designs. After all, the sea miles would be very minimal than the options above which come from Australia, New Zealand, Asia or Europe.

El Paso has been creating Mexican blankets for many years and have a solid reputation. Their yoga blanket range is newer given the rise of yoga as an industry and you’ll now find their blankets used in studios across the world.

They use recycled fibres which further adds to their sustainability, though their designs are a bit smaller so it doesn’t suit the tallest of folk. That said – their pricing is the most affordable on this list.

4. Yogamatters Yoga Blankets

If you’re searching for a company with very strong ethics (and indeed every one of these companies do have strong ethics), then Yogamatters takes the crown. They have certainly created a very sustainable and compelling range.

Many yoga studios buy their yoga blankets in bulk from this brand for the simple reason that their students love the design and the blankets are quick to dry. They also don’t trap moisture so easiliy either.

You’ll find both fleece and natural cotton in their range and you’ll save a lot of money by ordering in bulk. Their colors are plain and less imaginitive yet if you’re looking for simplicity, then look no further!

5. Canyon Creek Authentic Mexican Yoga Falsa Blanket

Yes, we’re back with the Mexican yoga blankets. We absolutely love this as they are warm but not too warm. After all, you’re probably sweaty after a yoga class and don’t need something that absolutely warms you up. You’ll just want something that stops the cold air finding its way to your skin.

Canyon Creek hasn’t been in business for as long as El Paso but they do have a strong reputation in the marketplace. Customer experiences have shown that the quality is strong and you can use these blankets for more than just yoga.

With a range of colors, it’s not hard to see why people love these blankets so much. Affordability in pricing is another key metric as these are often less than half the price of mainstream yoga brands.

6. United States Army Blanket

Yes – seriously! Using an army blanket for yoga is a fantastic way to stay warm before and after a yoga class! The army creates these to keep their own soliders warm in the battlefields and so purchasing one of these for your studio is no different.

Using a United States army blanket for yoga

There is no particularly brand we would recommend. You can find army blankets which are thin and thick. The thin versions are made from synthetic fibres while the thicker blankets are made from wool.

Our recommendation is to choose the thinner blankets. After a class you don’t need to be super warm. The entire aspet of using a blanket is to simply reduce the cold air from reaching the open pores on your body.

7. Ecuadane Large Southwestern Woven Blanket

For something totally different, we just had to add in this unique yoga blanket to this list. If you’re desiring something unique and totally hand-made, then this is it!

The Educane blankets are handmade in Ecoador by local artisans and as a result, they’re also very expensive. Yet they are very high quality and perfect for the yoga studio, log cabin or weekends by the fire.

The carbon footprint is significantly lower which represents happy vibes for us yoga folk who care about sustainability, while the materials are designed to also last for years. If you’re looking to make a positive impact on the world as much as we are, then this is perfect!

Buying Guide

Now that we’ve shown you the best yoga blankets on the market for both big and small budgets, let’s also look further at some key takeaways if you’re still searching.

What are yoga blankets made from?

A yoga blanket can be made from a range of materials. Cotton and wool is most common while the cheaper yoga blankets tend to use syntheic materials. A yoga blanket which will last 5+ years will generally be made from merino wool, alpaca wool or cotton blend.

What Are Yoga Blankets Used For?

Yogis use yoga blankets mainly to stay worm after a heavy yoga session. Before the conclusion of each yoga class, the teacher will take their students through a guided meditation known as Savasana. It’s during this time that the body needs to remain warm. At other times, yoga blankets are used as props to help support the body in various poses.

What Size Yoga Blanket Should I Buy?

It’s best to buy a yoga blanket that is larger rather than smaller. Even if you are below 5 feet, 5 inches, go for a larger blanket as it can easily be folded. For those taller than 6 feet, look for yoga blankets that are the biggest you can find. These will often by 70″ by 70″ and will pack quite large.

How Do You Wash Yoga Blankets?

Washing by hand is the most commonly accepted way to wash a yoga blanket. Use cold water and minimal detergents. If you do use the washing machine, run on gentle cycle and do not tumble dry as this can unravel threads. Avoid ironing and simply use the washing line to dry. For woolen blankets, this could take up to 3 days in colder climates.

How Do You Use A Yoga Blanket?

Here are 5 ways to use a blanket in yoga classes:

  1. Provide height in seated poses. Often teachers will encourage the use of blankets to support the lower limbs.
  2. Help gain flexibility for those with stiff muscles. When you’re new to yoga, a blanket can really help you stretch that bit further.
  3. Help substitute for missing yoga equipment. If you don’t yet have a bolster or strap then a yoga blanket can replace these props in some asanas.
  4. In place of a yoga mat. Some people oddly enough prefer to use a yoga blanket instead of a towel or mat.
  5. Keep you warm before and after yoga classes. The most obvious! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Using a yoga blanket outside on the grass

Quite clearly the use of a yoga blanket isn’t restricted to just keep you warm. It’s also a way to strike up a conversion if you purchase a really cool looking design!

In Summary

We would highly recommend buying a blanket to assist you during your yoga classes, either in studios or practising at home. These are typically quite affordable and long lasting, plus will help you further enjoy the classes you attend.

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6 Best Yoga Shorts for Men [2021 Guide]

Men’s yoga shorts are something that has been largely forgotten about in the market until recently. We’ve now found the best yoga shorts for men!

Luckily today, that has really changed. As men have made a presence at more and more yoga studios globally, their needs have increased.

Fact: Most men just don’t like lycra. They want something a bit more ‘manly’ and luckily the brands have listented.

Best Yoga Shorts for men

It’s not so difficult now for men to find the right shorts for them. You’ll find a pair that is both functional and durable which can be washed at least 100 times over.

Now these are good for yoga but will serve well for gym use, jogging and waterfall swims as well.

1. Alo Men’s Yoga Shorts

Alo has numerous yoga shorts for men and we believe they’re both the best brand with the best products in the market. The reviews and customer feedback are very strong based on the quality and the fact that most of their products are manufactured right in the United States.

This company really has you covered with long and shorter varities. You can even get shorts with compression on the inside for when you’re doing a head stand. For most of these, you’ll still need to wear underwear for safety. The sizings are quite accurate.

Check prices: www.aloyoga.com

2. Lululemon Men’s Shorts

Did you know that Lululemon makes shorts for men? Their range is small but we’ve picked out their best seller. It’s the Pace Breaker Short which retails between $70 and $100 online.

Best Yoga Shorts for men

With these shorts, you can do a yoga lunge, stretch into a downward dog or simply go for a run. They are very much multi-functional and the classic feel makes them perfect for a range of activities both on and off the mat.

There is a pouch so you’ll feel ‘supported’ on the inside but wearing underwear is still recommended. You’ll also like the zippered pocket for your keys.

3. prAna Mojo Short

Coming up 3rd on our list is the prAna Mojo Short. These shorts feel at home on the running track as they do on the yoga mat. For the eco-conscious person, they are made from 100% recycled materials.

prAna Mojo Short mens yoga shorts

One of the benefits is that these are cheap men’s yoga shorts but do lack the features of the other two models above. There is no string to tighten the waist so you’ll need to rely on accurate sizing. The negative reviews on the prAna Mojo Short are predominantly based on the lack of adjustments.

4. 4-rth Mens Transition Yoga Shorts

Looking for great quality but don’t want to spend a fortune? Then these shorts are for you.

4-rth Mens Transition Yoga Shorts

These are more of a hybrid between shorts and tights. They aren’t shorts and they aren’t tights!

What we love is that these are made in California. For those looking for mens yoga shorts not made in China, then this is exactly what you need! Talk about sustainability here.

5. YogaAddict Long Shorts for men

For those needing longer shorts that cover the knees during their yoga practice, the shorts you’ll want is the YogaAddict Mens’ Yoga Shorts. There are pockets, drawstrings and the length is perfect, however you’ll be reluctant to wear these during hot yoga practice.

YogaAddict Long Men's Yoga Shorts

These shorts double as a casual/trendy pair for the cafe after class. As in – people won’t realize that you’re actually wearing yoga shorts at all. Neat! With 700+ positive reviews, these drawstring shorts have proven themselves to be the perfect purchase for the knee-length individual.

6. YOGA CROW Men’s Yoga Shorts

We’ve left one of the best models until last! We really love the Swerve Shorts from Yoga Crow for their sheer comfort. Some yogis actually sleep in these as pyjamas as they’re so comfortable.

YOGA CROW Men's Yoga Shorts

These are exclusively yoga shorts and you’ll be less inclined to use them for other athletic activities. That said – they are super flexible and light where you might feel like you’re not wearing anything at all!

Buying guide for mens yoga shorts

Now that we’ve shown you the best yoga shorts for men available in the market, let’s help you refine your buying decision. There are some factors to consider when deciding which is best.

The look and feel

Aesthetics are quite important. You don’t want something that looks too feminine if you’re looking for shorts. If you were looking for feminine, we believe yoga tights would be better.

Look for designs that combine form and function into one neat little package. If you’re shopping online then it’s hard to do a stretch-test but if you go into stores you can certainly try this.

Your budget

We actually wouldn’t recommend a budget when shopping for shorts to use in a yoga studio. The difference between $40 and $80 in terms of dollars isn’t much. Often those who bought cheap yoga shorts do regret the decision and should’ve spent that bit extra on a better quality set.

Instead – we propose that you look for value for money. Often the most expensive products are also the best, but not always. You won’t find any mens yoga shorts that cost more than $100 on this list nor will you find any in the world.

The fit

It’s very important to find good-fitting yoga shorts. You don’t want something too tight or too baggy. Yes, this is hard to do by looking at online photos but all manufacturers do provide measurements that you can use to help you make a decision.

Go for a size larger if you’re between sizes. Likewise look for shorts that have a drawstring. If you do lose a few pounds over the coming months and the shorts start feeling loose, then at least you can tie them up. Additionally, it provides more security for those who like to do headstands.


We believe the best quality comes from the United States, however this also comes at a price. Spend up a little as we’ve mentioned prior for better quality as you don’t want any embarassing situations in the yoga studio when your yoga shorts become ripped.

As for the materials, cotton, nylon and polyester are quite common to achieve stretch. Unlike other shorts on the athletic market, mens yoga shorts do need to stretch given the wide range of asanas found within the numerous types of yoga classes available.


I bet you didn’t expect this? We only recommend brands that have established social media followings and have hundreds of user reviews. There is no value in recommending shorts that are cheap and Made in China.

Reputation is everything inside the yoga community. Look for shorts that are built on trust and reputation with brands like Alo, prAna and Lululemon Athletica being our favourites.

Got a question?

Ask us! We’re more than happy to help you in finding the right shorts for you.

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