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The Chicken Spirit Animal

This Is Everything You Wanted To Know

Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor

Chilled yogi. Chai enthusiast. Often ponders the meaning of the universe. Writes weekly for Yocean Yogi.

This is the definitive guide to the chicken for 2021.

I recently spent a few days at my friends farm meditating around her chickens.

Then I journaled down my thoughts and observations before returning home.

I now have spent 6 hours total researching and creating this handy guide.

It’s my hope that this solves your most pressing questions! 😃

So if you’re curious to know:

➜ If the chicken is your spirit animal

➜ What the common meanings of the animal totem are

➜ The positive and negative traits of this spirit animal

➜ When you should call upon your spirit animal

➜ Unusual and mystical facts about the chicken symbolism

Then you’re certainly in the right space. Let’s begin!

Chicken Spirit Animal FAQs (July 2021)

Common Chicken Spirit Animal Meanings

Common meanings of the chicken spirit animal are:

➜ Speak up when things don’t feel quite right

➜ Trusting yourself and your adaptive intuition

➜ Being active and vigilant in your surroundings

➜ Looking for chances in life to protect yourself

➜ Seeking opportunities that others pass on

Positive Traits

Positive traits of the chicken spirit animal are:

➜ You’re very trusted by people who know you well

➜ You’ll warn others if they’re making bad choices

➜ You’re always ready to embark on new frontiers

➜ You are exciting and bubbly as a social creature

➜ You mostly think about opportunities to propel

Negative Traits

Negative traits of the chicken spirit animal are:

➜ You enjoy showing off too much on social media

➜ You’ll back down almost always when threatened

➜ You can tune too much towards negativity online

➜ You struggle to trust most new encounters at first

➜ You’ll take just about any opportunity to get ahead

When To Call

Call upon your chicken spirit animal when:

➜ You need genuine self-confidence to find solutions

➜ You’re ready to celebrate who your divine blossom

➜ You want to show yourself as ‘the one’ to someone

➜ You have been holding yourself back for too long

➜ You’re ready for real opportunities just up ahead

Mystical Facts

Here are some interesting facts about this totem:

➜ It’s about using your throat chakra to speak up

➜ It shows us that we must trust our intuition

➜ It often shows off our authentic expression

➜ It symbolises looking out for each other often

➜ It’s a symbol often underutilized by many people

Is This Your Spirit Animal?

How to know if the chicken is your spirit animal….

➜ You find yourself always looking out for threats

➜ You enjoy showing off your life on social media

➜ You’ll never create conflict and always retreat

➜ You’re represented as very friendly and welcoming

➜ It’s very hard for you to stop talking all day long

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