The Moon Tarot Upright: What Does It Mean?

The Moon Tarot upright tarot card represents our illusion of fear and anxiety. What if everything that’s holding us back is actually made up?

The Moon Tarot Upright

Often we walk through life with so much baggage which exists only in the mind. Have you ever met anyone who’s grumpy in their 50’s and 60’s? Those are supposed to be some of the happiest times in our lives as the children are grown up and the responsibilities have diminished.

The Moon Tarot Upright

We allow fear and anxiety to hold us back. It brews in the subconscious mind and such thoughts have stemmed from our childhood days in most cases. No matter how hard we try – we just can’t seem to achieve what we desire.

Perhaps this is a good time to stop, think and evaluate the reality of your situation. Are you thoughts holding you back? If they are, then now could be a time for a change of pace.

Card Meaning

The Moon Upright is a ‘No’ Tarot card with the Rider Waite series. We see The Moon in the night sky beaming brightly while positioned between two large towers.

Card reading of The Moon Tarot Upright

This is symbolic of our dreams, intuition and unconscious reality. Such things are so abstract from the negative emotions of fear, worry and uncertainty.

There happens to be a small crashfish which represents the earliest departure of fear and anxiety. The two howling animals – in this case a dog and a wolf – are symbols of the wild nature of our mind.

We were born to be wild and free, and as free-spirited individuals, we can manifest anything that we desire. As we ascend into adulthood, it’s our believes that keep us back.

The small pool we see in the foreground shows us the transparency of the mind. If we can see things that are holding us back, then there is little stopping us from transforming our worlds.

Fear is an illusion

We often project fear into the world. “What if I fail at my job or business?” or worse “What if this person leaves me?”. These are based on past experiences, both real and imaginary.

Such painful memories cause us distress and uncertainty. We can make good and honest decisions from this perspective. Instead, we must let go of the mental roadblocks that stand in our way.

During nights of the full moon, we can use our intuition, dreams and inner guidance to get us through these times of restlessness. When everyone else is going crazy, it’s our turn to find harmony and balance.

Now is a time to work through the fear of what is holding you back. Has something happened that made you develop some paranoia? Can you trust yourself going forward?

Creating a new reality

It’s time for you to step forth into a reality. One where fear, anxiety and concern literally take the high road. This is your life and one that is designed to be easier than your current reality.

How do you create a new reality? Here are 4 simple ways:

  • Use hypnosis and meditation to find your way to stillness
  • Attend yoga classes and stay for the extended Savasana
  • Become involved with Shamanic healing groups and practices
  • Seek professional assistance. Some things are too big for the healing arts space.

The reality you desire is one where very little can hold you back. Where self-sabotage becomes a thing of the past and where you can now shine.

New beginnings

There is divine power found in each lunar cycle. You’ll be uncovering deep insights into your subconscious mind where things may rise to the surface which are challenging to deal with.

Tarot card reading

We all have skeletons in the closet. It’s these things which have stayed buried for so many years.

Now is a time to let go of the fear and anxiety which inhibits our core, and into a place of trust and ambition.

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