The Hanged Man Reversed: What Does It Mean?

The Hanged Man Reversed tarot represents the constant stalling and lack of progress in life. If either you or someone you know continues to show a lack of commitment, then these delays could cost them dearly in the future.

Does this mean you should just work harder? Not really. There are better ways to transcend this bump in the road.

The Hanged Man Reversed

Everyone has things that hold them back in life. It’s the very essence of our being. We can do almost anything that we desire, but many people are selling themselves far too short.

The Hanged Man Reversed meaning

This resistance towards doing the hard work is characteristically found in the yoga, meditation and spiritual advancement space. Such indecision could cost you many opportunities in the future.

The opposite to constant stalling is constant progress. Going forward isn’t easy but simply making a decision is. The question is: What are you going to decide in this moment?

Card meaning

The Hanged Man Reversed is a ‘No’ Tarot card. We see him suspended from the ceilling and despite viewing the world is an odd-sort-of-way, he is quite calm and relaxed. What we can distill is that he has chosen to find himself in this position.

Tarot card reading of The Hanged Man Reversed

With his right foot bound to the tree, and his arms in their position, we see created an inverted triangle. Such shapes are representative of untapped knowledge and personal potential.

The red pants that he is wearing are symbols of passion and strength. The man knows his power but isn’t actually making progress. Instead, he is merely pondering his present and future and will be here for a long while to come.

Did you spot the halo around his head? This symbolizes awareness, insights and enlightenment on the path ahead. There is potentially some new hope rising for the man to start taking action consistently.

Too much chaos

Perhaps the reason for your stalling right now is too much chaos. You have too many things that want to distract you including children, social media, pets and life events. It’s quite a lot to handle.

Can you hit the pause button? For just a few days, find solitude and a place where you can escape. A racing mind can indeed keep stalling. There’s too much energy but not enough focus.

The Hanged Man Reversed is resting. He has chosen to tune in and listen to his vision. The job? That can wait. The relationships? That can wait. The social media channels? That can certainly wait!

While it’s easy to say “Work harder!!” to those who are lacking commitment and are constantly stalling, there is often a solid reason behind it. They’re just doing too much, and indeed you probably are too!

Yet once we’ve taken our rest time, we shouldn’t wait around. The world is moving at an incredible pace and those who don’t developed the skills to thrive will be left behind. We are designed to evolve and to ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

The purpose of resting is to accelerate again. This time you’ll be more focused and determined to push through until completion.

Going forward

Stopping and starting projects constantly is hard work. Your higher self sees the errors of your ways, while your internal dialogue reminds you of how hard this really is. Truth is: Things aren’t that hard.

Psychic card evaluation

We recommend that you just focus on one thing at a time. Literally. If you need to – take a break. Find some downtime to rest, relax and find yourself back into alignment. That could be a vacation or merely a yoga or meditation class.

The constant stalling can be solved dynamically through a period of purposeful rest.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The Eight of Swords Reversed: What Does It Mean?

The Eight of Swords Reversed shows that we’re stuck in fear. That fear blinds us. It’s time to take off the blindfold as the “bad things” are (mostly) imagined.

The Eight of Swords Reversed

As a tarot card, there are few cards as obvious as this one. Upside down it’s clear what’s depicted.

The Eight of Swords Reversed meaning

At some stage of our lives, we will experience fear, hopelessness and shame. It’s those emotions that keep us bound and scared for the future. All we can focus on is the present, and it isn’t pretty.

We’re here to say there are two sides at play here. The dark and the light. The reality of the present and the desire for the future. Let’s begin.

The current depiction

This woman is blindfolded and abandoned. Clearly something terrible has happened with this tarot card. Society has left her to the wastelands.

Our psychic reading of The Eight of Swords Reversed

Does your future look bleak has hers does? Do you feel damaged and unwanted? Clearly the people who did this are well and truly gone.

On the surface, it seems to mean that all is said and done. But with any tarot card, especially the Rider Waite series, we need to look closer.

Your opportunity

In life, we always have a choice. We can see the darkness or move our vision towards the light. At Yocean Yogi, we choose the light. Every. Single. Time.

As pictured, the situation looks dire….but you know what? She has the choice to free herself quickly and easily. Have a look! So many swords. How tight is that rope really? She’s only standing, so there’s a chance to walk slowly to a safer place.

Often in life, we’re bound by the imaginery. We can’t see the opportunities from the challenges. This woman has the choice to stand up and fight, to have one more go. Use those swords to cut the rope, if she believes she has the power.

You too have an opportunity. One right here, in the moment, to see your own personal power.

The light beyond worthlessness

“You’ll always be stuck with such negative thoughts.” Or so they say.

Actually, you will. Negative thoughts DO make you stuck because progress depends on a vibrant state of mind. This state of mind is found within the best performing athletes, business owners and spiritual masters.

Indeed having low self-worth and damaging self-talk can radically hurt our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical progress.

The truth is: You do have a choice. One is growth and the other is….well…as depicted.

The illusion of being trapped is exactly that – an illusion. Your mind is your greatest asset so use it wisely. You have more worth than you give yourself credit for, if you only knew how.

  1. Cut away those fears
  2. Remove the blind fold
  3. Stand up tall and proud
  4. And chart a new course

Because feeling trapped, as is depicted in the Eight of Swords reversed is merely imaginary. Self-thoughts that are supposedly protecting us, but are doing more harm than good.

You have light. You wouldn’t be here on Yocean Yogi without light. That light just needs to be turned up inside because you’re irreplaceable.

And it’s interesting. The number 8. Like a constant cycle from one side to another. Perhaps this is just part of the journey, and you’re ready to move to the other side.

If you’ve come this far

You know it deep down inside – there is more to life. That you wouldn’t have been placed here unless there was some work to do. This feeling of mental bondage is merely that – mental.

It’s time to see yourself clearly if you’ve come this far on the journey. There is still so much to do and much to accomplish in this world. Whether you’re a lightworker, yoga teacher, psychic, intuitive healer, mother, lover, daughter or cherished family member – you’ve got work to do. You know it and we’re behind you all the way.

The first job is to examine the blindfolds that are trapping you. Just like the Eight of Swords reversed, you need to make a decision. Our recommendation is rather obvious.

Today let’s cut away those bonds and see your own true value. Take that sword. It’s oh so close!

You have a gift that the world needs – and it’s time to come alive.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The Knight of Wands Reversed: What Does It Mean?

The Knight of Wands reversed represents our need for exploring beyond our comfort zone. To find ourselves in new lands and new adventures.

If you’ve been longing for an expedition into new frontiers, then this card is for you.

The Knight of Wands Reversed

Many people spend their lives stuck. They wish to travel but are unable to break free from the constraints of their everyday lives. Such travel broadens the mind.

The Knight of Wands Reversed meaning

After all, you were born a free-spirit. You had dreams of seeing more than your own suburb during those younger years. During our adult years, we become burdened with responsibility and work.

Through traveling, we can certainly discover more about the world, but most importantly, more about ourselves. Our clarity and freedom is something that cannot be measured but be felt by such incredible experiences.

Card analysis

When conducting our psychic reading, we’re using the Rider-Waite tarot deck for The Knight of Wands reversed. You are welcome to use any variation that you desire as the meanings are very similar.

Psychic reading of The Knight of Wands Reversed

Here we see the knight on his horse. The horse is galloping which represents the desire to go forward and to ascend higher in ones knowledge. In the background we can see the pyramids. This symbaliszes history and the human desire to explore which dates back thousands of years.

We also see the weather is perfect. This reminds us that no matter where we travel, as long as we’re discovering new experiences, we create our own weather.

In this case, the knight has chosen more worldly expeditions. For you, such commitments aren’t necessary today. You can find solitary and excitement within a few hours of home.

Breaking routines

It might seem rebelious, but breaking routines can have a positive impact on our health. We’re often trying to fit in with our friends or family, or simply the expectations that society places upon us.

This isn’t you anymore. You didn’t come here to this planetary experiences to be boring. You’ve come here to be alive and to thrive in such opportunistic times!

It’s in this place that you finally discover yourself. What makes you excited and fires you up in the moment, where you can see and experience those things that you’ve never quite had before.

Future planning

It’s time to write down where you want to go. You don’t need to start packing bags tomorrow nor sending in resignation letters. Instead, we believe in the power of conscious planning.

The Law of Attraction reminds us of the need to believe in what we desire and we’ll get it, but it’s only one element. The other element is strategic future planning followed by execution.

Beyond our 1-mile block is an entirely new world waiting to be discovered. You don’t have to see it all immediately, but it’s a wonderful start simply finding someone new to explore next weekend.

Going forward

If this “clicks” with you, then there is no time to waste! Open that divine journal of yours and start writing down the places that you’d really love to see. From there, build a compelling vision board.

Psychic tarot card reading Yocean Yogi

All things are manifested twice. It starts in the mind then it comes to reality. From here, you can expect positive life changes to occur. This includes feelings of happiness and confidence with others close to you recognizing such progress.

You can always return to yourself and your old way of doing things. It’s a two-way street! But if you could explore just a little further, why wouldn’t you? This spontaneous pursuit of travel is also likely to inspire their progress towards the unknown excitement of new lands.

The universe has your back all the way. You’ve got this!

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The Queen of Wands Reversed: What Does It Mean?

The Queen of Wands reversed is our desire to show our worth to the world, but sometimes our egos over-compensate for our actual results.

The ‘fake it till you make it’ concept comes to mind. This is a chance to see if you’re truly being yourself, not a character of your imagination.

The Queen of Wands Reversed

True confidence comes from doing the work. However, that’s only part of the process. Too often we see people working who aren’t actually doing the work they claim to do. Essentially, they take credit without tangible results.

The Queen of Wands Reversed meaning

When people call us out, it hurts! Why? Because what they’re saying is completely true. We aren’t actually performing as good as we claim to, otherwise it wouldn’t hurt at all.

We only care what others think when we aren’t fulfilling exactly what we claim. If we are to find mastery in our lives, it’s time to take a stand a be brutully honest with ourselves!

Our card reading

We generally use the Rider Waite series and we’ve used this for the Queen of Wands reversed tarot in this instance. These are highly recommended though you may use whichever you please.

Psychic reading The Queen of Wands Reversed

In this instance, we see her on the throne with her black cat. She’s out there in the open and transparent. Anyone can attack her at anytime verbally, mentally, emotionally or physically. Guess what? She doesn’t care.

She has embodied the truth of who she is. There is no lies here. She’s worked hard to get where she is and hasn’t taken any crafty shortcuts to achieve such mastery. Essentially, she’s found her authentic self unlike many others who are yet to discover.

Unfortunately, there are many who hate her. They’re the fakes! Those that are highly insecure but need to “take it out” on her to justify their position. It’s the only ammunition that they have, because they don’t have real and tangible results.

Still, she’s secure. She knows that she’s done the work. Others can launch at her any vile attacks, but they can’t touch her. Results don’t lie, and thus, she can be her authentic self with poise and confidence.

Earn your results

Take hold of your situation. Are you manifesting things through hard work and honesty? If not – it’s time to pause and reflect. Accepting that we’re not quite congruent is the first step towards mastery.

Our journey is being watched by others. Those same people have watched The Queen with a sense of envy. They’re watching you to see if they can unleash that same fury. That can only happen if you let them.

The first step is accepting where we truly are today. It’s OK to reverse a little. We want to start a new journey with our authentic self so we can attain authetic results that are well earned.

This is where true power will later be formulated. By knowing we have a stable foundation, we’re more willing to execute without feeling like a sense of imposters syndrome.

Courage speaks

We all have courage, but only courage based on truth can never be shunned. It doesn’t matter what others say if you are true to your word and consistently do the work.

Evidently so, we can see social media as the very essence of the individual we want to avoid. The type that shows off their new home, car and first-class holidays. Are they really living in truth? Many question this.

Your courage speaks louder than words. When you’re operating from a place of true alignment, others can feel this radiating energy and will be much less likely to throw a punch.

Going forward

It’s time to unleash the real you. Sure – even at your highest victories, not everyone will like you. It comes with the territory on the pathway towards self mastery and success.

Should you cover and hide? Absolutely not! You were put on this Earth for a divine reason and only you know that true reason. It’s time to stop acting and start act…tuating!

Let’s be real and authentic. It’s the only way to be.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The Three of Pentacles Reversed: What Does It Mean?

The Three of Pentacles reversed shows a monastery and a young man learning his craft, thereby depicting the need to level up our skills.

The Three of Pentacles Reversed

In life, some of us are fast learners and some of us need to catch up the pace. Perhaps you’ve studied before and have been challenged. “Why does this not make sense?”

The Three of Pentacles Reversed meaning

Lessons require repetition. Some things come easy and others take time to process.

It’s easy to get frustrated, disappointed or worse – humiliated. We see others achieving success and learning things relatively easy, yet we struggle.

We need to accept that sometimes our difficulties will come to the surface. We’re then left with two choices: We can grow (and this requires work) or we can retreat and avoid the challenges.

Most people take the easy road. They put things in the “too hard” basket.

On the other hand, you know that in order to excel you’ve got work to do.

Analyzing the card

Work is meaningful. That’s what we see here with this man working at the monastery.

Psychic reading of The Three of Pentacles Reversed

He understands that he will make mistakes and perfection is a farce. None of us are perfect.

By owning up to his failures and repeating those lessons, he can continue to strive for greatness.

Setbacks. Challenges. Roadblocks. He won’t cave in and his teacher knows this.

No doubt you’ve experienced all 3. Have you merely given up on life? Definitely not!

His teacher is a wise individual, but the better teacher is the mistakes of the young man.

By being challenged and making mistakes, we can grow and prosper. Even if we’re good, there’s always that next level of mastery.

The most important thing here is the young man on the Three of Pentacles reversed card. He’s learning to never give up and stay committed towards the process.

Now, young people don’t give up easily. Even if you’re not so young, you have the power to keep going. You have more life experience on your side. You know what it really takes to be successful in a “I want everything NOW” world that we now live in.

Skills have utility

Acquiring skills today is more important than ever before. Better yet – we have an even playing field.

Thnk about it: 30 years ago you couldn’t learn what you can now learn within minutes online.

Whether that’s through online blogs, video content or social media channels – it’s all available!

In fact, there is a sense of information-overwhelm. There is almost too much to learn!

So choosing the right skills to work on is important. Personally, we prefer online business skills in the alternative healing space. This craft leads to self improvement and often financial stability.

Perhaps that isn’t a skill you need to acquire. Perhaps you’ve perfect fine with a stable foundation. Great!

But question yourself: What else could you mastery? And what else could you tackle where you’ll feel like a newbie again?

Maybe it’s enrolling into that sweaty Vinyasa yoga class or going on that 3-day hike through the woods. Or maybe going spiritual music festival as a total introvert?

Challenge? Yes. Good for the soul? For sure! A chance to learn AND make mistakes? Absolutely.

As humans, we need to be tested. As we do, we inheritly become stronger emotionally, mentally, physically and of course – spiritually.

Going forward

If learning new skills were easy, we would all have them. We would all speak 17 languages, have 23 businesses and play 5 different sports.

Tarot card presentation

But really – it’s hard. They say it takes 10,000 hours to create mastery.

Our soul craves the development of our skills. It won’t be perfect and you will make mistakes.

Stay focused. Stay committed. Trust the process and keep going when it gets tough.

We believe in you.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The Emperor Upright Tarot: What Does It Mean?

The Emperor upright tarot card means that we must represent ourselves as the authority figure in everyday life. Essentially, no longer can we merely walk around as a follower in our craft.

If you have been harnessing skills for a long time, then now is the time to rise and establish yourself as the go-to person.

The Emperor Tarot Upright

Often we want to hide ourselves in the corner. Perhaps there are beliefs that aren’t serving us, such as the fear of being judged or simply not being good enough. Sometimes we even fear ridicule.

The Emperor Tarot Upright meaning

With the knowledge we individually posess, all of us have skills, knowledge and know-how to accomplish great things. We have figured out the process forward to rise to new heights.

Now isn’t the time to run, hide and find cover. Instead, we need to stand strong. We know what we believe in and we need to stop believing in negative self-talk which stops us from being in a place of true authority.

Card meaning

The Emperor Upright is a ‘Yes’ tarot card and we’ve used the Rider Waite decks to conduct this psychic reading. We see the Emperor in his fatherly state of being sitting strong in his large throne.

Psychic reading of The Emperor Tarot Upright

This man clearly has power and knows his craft very well. It’s likely to have been thousands of hours of posessing knowledge and taking action which has lead to this very point in his life.

The world is truly in his hands and the aakh represents the knowledge that he has acquired and continues to acquire. He does this from a place of power which is symbolized through the red robe.

Indeed he’s passionate about what he knows and the position he holds, but also this place of authority is done on purpose. We can see that further noted through his wearing of a crown.

Behind him are the mountains which shows the ardous journey that he has walked in the past. During such times, he has acquired monumental knowledge which will make the lives of future adventurers much easier.

Certainly The Emperor Upright is a hard individual and the type that isn’t easily swayed. With armour behind his clothing and having built himself a solid foundation, potential enemies will certainly have their work cut out.

At this time of his life, there is much more resistance to make changes. He has been through a lot and desires to pass on his knowledge and wisdom to those who are ready to rise.

Your own authority

It’s time to establish your own authority. What is something that you are truly passionate about? It can be simply as gardening or as complex as the study of chi energy through the human body.

In the world today, we have massive opportunities where our passions can lead to trust and authority. People desire to learn about new topics and ideas, and our wisdom needs to be passed forward to the world.

We always outgrow our mentors. Perhaps they have taught us and now it’s up to us to do the teaching. We don’t need permission nor do we need qualitifications. We simply need passion, process and execution to get exponential results.

It’s time to be the powerful leader in your space. Create a systematic plan on how to get there and continue striving forward as a guide for others. Trust us – many need you during these times.

Indeed, your knowledge is the gift that the world has been waiting for. Don’t fear copycats. They can’t replicate your true experience and will soon be spotted. Instead, simply be you and show others what you have created.

Going forward

It’s time to claim your authority in your space of wisdom. Are you an intuitive healer? Mother who figured out how to manage work and home life, or someone who has picked up a new skill late in life? Whatever it is – it’s time to OWN it.

Tarot card evaluation

Never before have we been able to show authority on a global scale where skills can be taught to anyone of any age. Indeed it’s an equal playing field where everyone can have a fair go.

If you’re ready to step on to the stage, then others are ready to listen to your message.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.