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The Seahorse Spirit Animal

This Is Everything You Wanted To Know

Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor

Chilled yogi. Chai enthusiast. Often ponders the meaning of the universe. Writes weekly for Yocean Yogi.

This is the definitive guide to the seahorse animal totem for 2021.

I have spent 6 hours meditating and creating this spiritual guide.

And yes, I certainly had a lot of fun with this. 😃

After all, what beautiful creatures!

So if you’re curious to know:

➜ If the seahorse is your spirit animal

➜ What the common meanings of the animal totem are

➜ The positive and negative traits of this spirit animal

➜ When you should call upon your spirit animal

➜ Unusual and mystical facts about the seahorse symbolism

Then you’re certainly in the right space. Let’s begin! 😊

Seahorse Spirit Animal FAQs (July 2021)

Common Seahorse Spirit Animal Meanings

Common meanings of the seahorse spirit animal are:

➜ Having more patience while waiting for the best

➜ Sharing generously without any real expectations

➜ Counting the many blessings, both good and bad

➜ Clarifying your emotions and venturing in deeper

➜ Being rewarded for your random acts of kindness

Positive Traits

Positive traits of the seahorse spirit animal are:

➜ You’re very popular and others wish to admire you

➜ You posess charm and courage to make progress

➜ You really enjoy positively serving others like you

➜ You’re independent yet you thrive within a team

➜ You’re patient yet remain ever so joyous in life

Negative Traits

Negative traits of the seahorse spirit animal are:

➜ Your image is held by masking negative emotions

➜ You won’t ask for help when you really need some

➜ You often close yourself off to new relationships

➜ Your mission means you rarely have any ‘me time’

➜ You’ve hidden your anxiety and frustration away

When To Call

Call upon your seahorse spirit animal when:

➜ You need the energy to deal with others watching

➜ You’re embarking on a journey of positive change

➜ You are compelled to give others your attention

➜ You have a desire to become much more popular

➜ You feel the need to find your independence again

Mystical Facts

Here are some interesting facts about this totem:

➜ It’s about basking in the goodness of who you are

➜ It’s symbolic of simply expressing your positivity

➜ It’ll be there to create calmness and tranquility

➜ It shows that we must treat others with respect

➜ It’s also a representation of freedom to persevere

Is This Your Spirit Animal?

You’ll know if the seahorse is your spirit animal if:

➜ You actively show your positivity on social media

➜ You’ve felt the need to create a better perspective

➜ There is much in life for you to have gratitude for

➜ You are often compelled have people admire you

➜ You have been born into a life of fortune and luck

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