The Six of Wands Upright: What Does It Mean?

The Six of Wands upright means that we need to enjoy the public recognition of our success and achievements. Life is an adventure where such feats should be recognized.

Don’t be afraid to show off if you have genuinely achieved results. If you are confident, then such rewards are to be received vividly.

The Six of Wands Upright

Often we want to downplay the praise we receive from others. We see ourselves as simply smaller than what we truly are on this personal quest towards mastery. Truth is: we are always bigger than we give ourselves credit for.

The Six of Wands Upright meaning

Let’s not get confused with those who get praised for achieving so little. We’re talking about genuine success here. Real, tangible results that can be measured and quantified. In the yoga and healing arts space, finding those who go to such efforts can be more challenging.

When we do make it through, hiding in the corner and being afraid to show off isn’t wise. Instead, show your results so others can learn and transcend to higher levels in their own quest. They need you and the gift(s) that you have to share. The lessons learned on the journey and the pitfalls that will inheriely happen.

Card meaning

The Six of Wands upright is a victory card meaning ‘Yes’. In a love reading it means marriage and in this context, it means achievement. He’s riding his white horse while others cheer and praise.

Psychic reading of The Six of Wands Upright

This is real success and the type that many dream of. Getting this far didn’t come easy. He has had to fight massive challenges at more than one occasion where the success isn’t guaranteed.

The horse he rides is white. He chose this as it shows the purity of the man’s soul. He does what he always claims to do and doesn’t cut corners. This also shows any battle scars which have inheritly come his way.

Among the chaos, he found peace. He developed greater self-confidence and lived to continue fighting strong. In such a celebration, there is no ego. There is no “I’m up here and you’re down there!” gaze. He’s equal but different. He simply did the work.

The curse of distractions

These days distractions are everywhere. The worst distraction is inside your pocket. Social media platforms have taken over our lives and attention is now a commodity.

People these days struggle to focus. We want yet another dopamine yet. The man represented on the Six of Wands upright chose to focus when others wouldn’t. He desired mastery and recognition.

Yes! He actually looked forward to the praise. He wanted others to bask in his success. During such an arduous journey, he knew he’d achieve real and genuine success in his pursuit, not merely 5 minutes of effort. This sustained work effort can get him through the hardest of times.

Let’s begin by focusing on one target. What is it that you truly want to master? Once you know – don’t get discouraged. You were put on this planet for a divine reason. You are here to consciously manifest through both thoughts and consistent action.

When you linger and get distracted, others will rush past you. They will find the gold long before you do. It’s time to knuckle down and get into the challenges that lay before us.

Rising higher

There are two elements to rising higher. The first is based on personal skill acquisition. We want to learn and master the skills that will get us through the lowest of times. This is referred to as resilience of character.

We know such accomplishments won’t come easy. There will be others who will attempt to distract us and get us away from the target. We must stay fixated and committed to seeing it through from concept to completion.

The second element here is to put ourselves out there. You must let the world know what you’re embarking on, even if it comes with some ridicule. The good news is that there will be mostly cheerleaders. Those who gain energy by seeing your succeed and going through the hardest times.

By rising higher, we can eventually shine. We can become a beacon of light when others need it the most. Hope. Enthusiasm, Inspiration. Call it what you will – we need to start this journey now because others need us to succeed more than we do.

Go forth, victorious one

Today is your day. You are worthy of praise and recognition. Perhaps this isn’t your day, but your time will come. Until such a time manifests into reality, you must persevere and go through the challenges that come your way. Start today because yesterday is done and tomorrow is a new dawn.

Tarot card evaluation

Just remember: the support you need is always around you. If anything, look higher. There are countless others who have taken similar paths and personal quests into the lands of the unknown. They have returned to share their story.

You too will soon share your story. Until then, let’s pursue our targets relentlessly.

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