The Ten of Swords Upright: What Does It Mean?

The Ten of Swords Upright tarot represents the painful reality of when we are in crisis. Indeed this is a negative and ‘No’ tarot card, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The Ten of Swords Upright

We sometimes go through challenges in life, then we go through real challenges. The ones that absolutely knock us down and where we struggle to lift even an arm, let alone our entire body.

The Ten of Swords Upright meaning

It can be hard. Really hard. So much so that you feel like giving up entirely. We’re sure you’ve had this feeling before. No matter the situation; there is a way out!

Such paintful endings often bring forth and opportunity for new growth and personal discovery. We often become stronger and more resilient to more hazards that might come in our direction.

Card meaning

The Ten of Swords Upright shows us sheer pain. You might have experienced such feelings through a relationship ending or a job loss, or even the death of a loved one. As such, we see the man laying down with 10 swords in his back.

Psychic reading of The Ten of Swords Upright

The red cape represents his passing of spirit into another world. It’s a dark world but there is a glimmer of light through the sun. The sun brings forth new life and new opportunities, paired with solace and reasoning.

Finding calm and peace through such adversity is paramount. A mild glimmer of hope is still hope. We can look at this tarot card and see all the dark energy it presents in such a morbid reminder of life, or we can change our perspective.

This isn’t to shy away from the reality of life. We will experience loss. Those close to us will perish eventually, as will ourselves. Still, among the chaos…we can find calm and peace.

Such wounds can last for just a moment or an entire lifetime. Either way – they are tough to encounter and will often derail our progress.

Victim vs Victory

This tarot card might also suggest that you’re playing the ‘victim’ card when victory is so close. You’ve chosen to take the easy road in the hopes that others will save you from such adversity.

Remember when we were kids and would play dead? We would hope that other kids would save us? Similar concept in adulthood. Instead of falling short, we can change how we approach such situations.

We choose to go towards victory. This way we can pick ourselves up when we fall short on the journey. Instead of fighting, we can renew ourselves and push forward in the toughest of times.

Of course, this doesn’t negate the fact that sometimes…the end result is total failure. You’ve found yourself in a world of hurt and pain like no one else. Perhaps this needed to happen so you can soul can experience this adversity and discover just how strong it really is.

We do draw wisdom from defeat. We can pick up the pieces and move on. This may take some healing and transformation time, so for now…there is no rush. You have all the permission to rest, relax, reconnect and recharge. There is always time later for work.

Going forward

Certainly this is a tough tarot card and one that psychic readers generally shy against. It brings up angst for the reader and the individual too. Many individuals feel as though they’ve been stabbed in the back.

Tarot card evaluation

Bringing such emotions to the table isn’t met with a welcoming party. We need a safe space to process such processing and transformation. Again – take your time here. There is no rush. First, it’s time to find your save haven and start processing. Seek professional guidance from here.

You’ve gone through the hardest time in your life, but there is a sun beginning to rise on the horizon. Just take a look up!

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