The Tower Upright Tarot: What Does This Card Mean?

The Tower upright tarot card represents the instant creation of chaos and need to take sudden and drastic action with little prior planning. This is the time when you must be fully aware of pending situations.

The Tower Upright Meaning

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. For many, they never quite achieve the things that they had set out for themselves in their earlier days and have instead settled for the ‘easy life’.

Psychic reading of The Tower Upright tarot card

Now, such times are relatively easy to handle…until something BIG comes along unexpectedly. If you’ve ever experienced a family emergency then you’ll know just how much your heart can sink.

It’s during these times that we ultimately come to the present moment. There is no need for a yoga class to help pull us to focus on these moments since chaos does surround us. So then, how do we handle htis?

Card meaning

The Tower Upright is a ‘No’ Tarot card. We have done our reading using the Rider Waite series as we have done with many of our tarot cards. Essentially we must expect the things we can’t yet see.

The Tower Upright Meaning
The Tower Upright Tarot Card Meaning

Atop this mountain is the tall tower. While it’s built strong, its foundations are ultimately weak and thus more powerful energy can easily knock it over. It was designed based on ambition without forethought towards what can go wrong.

The lighting we can see symbolizes that threats can literally come out of nowhere. It doesn’t take much to destroy what initially seemed solid and peaceful. Did you count the flames? There are 22 of them and the Tree of Life has 10 points while hte Zodiac has 12.

This is an important note to see meaning as we can learn that in times of complete upheaval and disaster, the universe and divine intervention is always there to carry us through. We’ll be OK if we simply trust our higher power.

The people depicted here are desperate to escape. They can’t wait any longer and are totally unaware of the dangers of jumping. Essentially, they haven’t had time to prepare for the totally unexpected.

New foundations

During such times when you’re litearlly put on the spot to perform, you ultimately have two choices:

  1. Hope, wish and pray that things will turn out properly.
  2. Learn from this experience, become a stronger person and become wiser.

We believe that #2 is ultimately a better idea. You’ll find yourself in a place where you can re-focus on what’s important to you and essentially build a stronger tower. For many, that’s your soul and spirit that is always indestructable anyway.

These new foundations won’t be easy. With this burning down period you’ll be going through some painful experiences and anxiety as to what the future holds. There will be little certainty and much darkness, but what comes through after the darkest of nights? A new dawn.

This will lead you through to a place where you can emergy into new opportunities of personal fulfillment and mastery. You’ll have gone through an experience that few people are able to articulate and if it happens to them, then you’ll be the guide that they can depend on.

The Tower Upright is then the perfect card for a spiritual awakening beginning today. There are some cracks in your very own soul where the walls could come crumbling down, and when they do, you can rise higher and stronger as an individual.

Going forward

This process isn’t easy. Being thrown an unexpected and massive change which leads to potentially soul destroying experiences will test your courage and inner light, and many will need help. You may need professional assistance in this process, especially if you go through the death of a loved one, a divorce or a business failure.

Escaping the situation through a ‘get out of jail free card’ could lead to even greater problems, so this is something to face head on. After all, you’re more powerful than you’ll ever give yourself the credit for.

Many haven’t been given prior warnings but this is yours. Chaos may soon descend upon you and now’s the time to prepare!

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